Whistleblower - When an employee has raised concerns over perceived corruption, mismanagement, waste, or practices involving health and safety risk occurring with an organisation, or other such matters, and employer reacts adversely towards the employee because s/he raised those concerns, the targeted employee is referred to as a "whistleblower". Such an unscrupulous employer is referred to as a bully or victimiser. Labelling unscrupulous or corrupt employers is desirable to distinguish between these and ethical employers.

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"WhistleBlowers Documents Exposed (WBDE) is a self-funded people's initiative arising from our dissatisfaction with the performance of some existing funded organizations and personnel, who are considered to have failed to perform their duties effectively, within the law, and in the public interest. Preventing public corruption also requires an effort from all members of society at large. For these reasons, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption calls on countries to promote actively the involvement of non-governmental and community-based organizations such as WBDE, as well as other elements of civil society."

WBDE aims to curb the use that some individuals and organizations make of using public resources for their own private purpose of silencing dissent and free speech. To work on the cases we appoint panels of independent adult volunteers who have been active in human rights. The cases, their documents etc. may be used worldwide for any or all of the following:

The home page of this site contains a chronology of documents and events, with links to relevant judgements etc. (Before taking any action based on these documents, please read our disclaimer.)

WBDE sincerely thank the brave, ethical people who have spoken out for the public good, and been punished by their victimizing management/employers for doing so. Such dissidents have supplied the material on this site, and many documents were only obtained through persistent Freedom of Information applications and payment of much money to access ‘Private & Confidential’ files. Note the derogatory and damaging nature of the documents, and obviously the massive cost to the dissident, families, and public purse.