Date Item Additional information
2009 Nov 19
The Sydney Morning Herald Article by Elisabeth Sexton "ASIC case unravelled" Justice Robert Austin has delivered a stinging rebuke to the corporate regulator for almost every step of its long, expensive case alleging breach of directors duties against One.Tel's managing director Jodee Rich and finance director Mark Silbermann.
2009 Nov 17
Article in The Daily Telegraph by Simon Benson "Nathan Rees' secret plot to lop Labor heads" "The only way it was going to work was under the cover of darkness. Premier Nathan Rees needed complete secrecy to carry out his plan to choose his own Cabinet and sack ministers Joe Tripodi and Ian Macdonald. But it was a phone call to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Singapore that really kicked the power play into action - a plan that Mr Rees threatened to resign over if it wasn't carried out. The Premier, his chief of staff Graeme Wedderburn, the PM's office, Labor Party secretaries Matt Thistlethwaite and Luke Foley.
2009 Nov 10 Report by Julie Brown on Carenne Special School Demonstration In Sydney Indymedia article by "jules85" re protest demonstrations outside Carenne Special School, Western Advocate office, Bathurst District Office Department of Education by concerned people with placards, Indymedia bus, and private messages of protest.
2009 Nov 5 Article by Rhys Hayes re Sydney Ferries chief In The Daily Telegraph "Charge former ferries boss Geoff Smith, ICAC recommends." And "Disgraced Sydney Ferries chief Geoffrey Smith acted corruptly by racking up a staggering $237,102 bill on his taxpayer-funded credit card, it was found yesterday." DPP should prosecute Sydney Ferries chief financial officer Vincenzo Rossello re evidence?
2009 Oct 30 Article The Daily Telegraph "I deserve my big fat pay rise" "NSW Premier Nathan Rees has defended a three percent pay rise for state MPs." "Mr Rees's bulging pay packet rivals that of the Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, whose base salaries are $268,632 and $245,700 respectively before allowances and expenses."
2009 Oct 20 Article in the Australian re AWB kickbacks to Saddam Hussein "Former AWB managing director Andrew Lindberg deliberately or negligently ignored the danger signs and failed to stop the flow of $300 million in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime on the eve of the war with Iraq, the corporate watchdog [Australian Securities and Investments Commission ] has claimed in its first civil case against a wheat board executive over the kickbacks scandal." Supreme Court judge Ross Robson. AWB executives -- former chairman Trevor Flugge, Paul Ingleby, Charles Stott, Peter Geary, and Michael Long
2009 Oct 1 Salaries and Additional payments to Federal Office Holders The pay packages for Full-Time Public Servants takes effect from 1 October 2009. These pay packages include Chairpersons APRA and ACCC and officers; Director DPP, Commissioner Australian Federal Police, Director ASIC, Privacy Commissioner, Registrar AAT, and many others.
2009 Sep 14 John Wilson's Challenge to the jurisdiction of the Court In the Local Court of NSW, Criminal Division, Parramatta. "The Plaintiff [John Wilson] claims relief that: (1) a Special Jury adjudge that the Local Court of New South Wales, Parramatta Registry, has no Jurisdiction to proceed summarily, ie: without Trial by Jury, in this action; (2) this action proceed by Trial by Jury."
2009 Aug 25 Report re Carenne Special School by Julie Brown Scathing report "Carenne Special School staff speak out". Allegations of * breaches of the department's duty of care to students, * threats of violence and defamatory remarks against staff and/or students/s "for causing trouble to the school", * nepotism. "planting evidence". * circumventing legislation". Whistleblowers. Persecution.
2009 Jun 20 Article "Hatzistergos Misleads Parliament" by Julie Brown ".the Industrial Relations Commission, which faxed him a copy of the Notice of Appearance which listed the Director-General of Education and Training as appearing on behalf of Carenne Support Limited." Mr Hatzistergos said: "The Department is not providing legal representation to Carenne Support Ltd before the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW."
2009 Jun 1 Submission to Parliament by Gillian Sneddon ".He alleged to me that he had been sexually abused since the age of 15 by my boss, the Member for Swansea and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Milton Orkopoulos, who was also, he alleged, a serious drug user. I informed Vicki Calder immediately of the substance of that call."
2009 Nov 9
Email Re Appointment of The Governor General Of Australia "The UK Privy Council has no responsibility or connection for such appointments. Our website relates to the work of the UK Privy Council. I suggest that you pursue your interest with the Australian authorities.Martin Courbet, Secretariat Support Team Manager, Privy Council Office, 2 Carlton Gardens, London. SW1Y 5AA.
2009 Nov 4
The Australian Article. Drew Warne-Smith Ex-Sydney Ferries boss corrupt: ICAC. "The decorated former Navy chief Geoffrey Smith is likely to face criminal charges after the NSW corruption watchdog today found he deliberately misused his corporate credit card while running Sydney Ferries." Vincenzo Rossello
2009 May 11
PSA Article by Rod Brown HealthQuest Closes.
Union support to HealthQuest "A dispute notice was lodged on April 21 with the Industrial Relations Commission by Unions NSW in response to the NSW Government's decision to abolish HealthQuest."
2009 Aug 30
Article by Glenn Milne "What's up doc? MDs' charges to Medicare" "The biggest payout- $1,386,749 -went to a GP who claimed more than 26,000 Medicare payments for servicing 5200 patients. Based on an avenge consultation of $33.55 that would mean the doctor seeing 158 patients every working day of the year. But the doctor concerned - and those like him - are unlikely to face scrutiny for overcharging despite promises by the Rudd government to crack down on medical fraudsters."
2009 May 10 By Ed McDonald "HealthQuest Staff Redundant" Article and comment on Sydney Indymedia. HealthQuest. "...hallucinating. Or delusional." "and we do believe much of what has occurred would be identified as criminal if government was not using our taxes to hide its political sins"
2009 Apr 20 By Gillian Sneddon Comment posted on Sydney Indymedia Re article "Gillian, we support you!! "For your interest I recommend looking at the NSW Parliament, Committees, ICAC Inquiry into the Protection of Public Sector Whistleblowers Employees, 1 Dec 2008......" "I suppose he's just there for the tea and biscuits!! "
2009 Apr 17 By Gillian Sneddon Comment posted on Sydney Indymedia Article: Nathan Rees Gillian Sneddon - Proof You Cant Protect NSW Whistleblowers "The outcome of your 'Independent Committee' has only confirmed to me, the media, and fellow Australians that Parliaments high office holders, together with NSW Labor Parliamentarians, are still protecting their own positions, with no interest in finding out the truth and putting wrongs right! In other words they are corrupt." Orkopolus.
2009 Apr 12 Daily Telegraph Article By Linda Silmalis and Sharon Labi "Labor wants public schools carved" "...plan to sell off surplus school and TAFE land... only half of the $240 million proceeds will be ploughed back into [education needs].." "... $996 million black hole in NSW state budget. Michael Coutts-Trotter
2009 Mar 26 Article By Caroline Overington In The Australian. Re Justice Sackville. "...King spent 14 months in custody awaiting sentence after he broke into a four-year-old girl's home, molested her, masturbated and ejaculated over her. The Director of Public Prosecutions has appealed against the leniency of the sentence..." Ronald Dean King.
2009 Mar 13 By Jonathan O'Dea MP [NSW] Premier Questioned Over ICAC Funding . You have to ask if Labor is truly concerned about the need to stamp out corruption  or if it is only concerned with appearance..."
2009 Mar 12
Excerpts from Kevin Rudd's Jobs Productivity Fairness While Prime Minister Rudd's much-touted Ministerial Statement promised ".a better system of matching people, skills and jobs, and fair and productive workplaces" , the nation's persecuted whistleblowers' plight remains ignored.
2009 Mar 12
"Restoring Good Governance" Address by Barry O'Farrell MP, NSW Leader of the Opposition "Departments, agencies, authorities and individuals need to be held to account for their actions." "No amount of legislation or regulation can guarantee honesty in public administration or government. Ultimately it comes down to culture, and culture starts at the top." WhistleBlowers persecuted - still penalised. Rudd. Abbott. Hartsuyker. O'Farrell. Stoner. Keneally.
2009 Jan 2 Telegraph Article by Kelvin Bissett "$107m bill for stress" "Stressed-out state public servants have cost taxpayers $107.5 million in just three years but evidence is emerging that recent reforms are finally slashing payouts." "Back to work faster". Arbitrary severance? No income?
2009 Jan 2 Article By Justin Vallejo Article in Telegraph. "Hate Mail For "Bully" Ambos" Ambulance officers have received hate mail and abuse after a co-worker killed herself following alleged bullying. Hodder. Roxburgh. Cowra
2008 Dec 23 Sydney Morning Herald Article by Wendy Frew "The broadcaster, the Labor MP and the off switch" "Mr Matters and his supporters claimed he was removed so as to shut down discussion about the ALP's alleged role in corruption."
2008 Dec 7 Article Jo Hewitt re International Anti-Corruption Day "Australia signed and agreed to implement the United Nation Convention Against Corruption, but one would not know that from the state of the nation that we see." Huge cost of corruption - government spends millions to 'silence' 1 whistleblower
2008 Nov 6
Article By Asim Yasin Pakistan corrects its 'wrongs" as its Cabinet reinstates employees sacked in 1996-98. Australia still pretends it cannot see HealthQuest fraudulent "Retirement Certificates" manufactured against whistleblowers. Rudd. Abbott.
2008 Oct 30 Article by Jaandee Hart "I am almost at the 26 week mark with Workers Comp and am wondering if they are heading me towards HealthQuest" "... GIO have had the Dept. of the Uneducated use my holiday pay, not my sick pay, to cover the last few months of my claim. "
2008 Sep 13 SOS Article "Australian Elderly Pillaged - The Truth About Pensions" Commencing in 1942 all Australian workers were taxed an extra 7.5% to self-funding their own future Age Pension. Although each worker is still taxed in this way for their retirement, they, and the Australian elderly are robbed. By 1977 this accumulated Welfare Fund Account (approximately $470,000,000) was, without authority or power, transferred into consolidated revenue by Malcolm Fraser. Actuaries calculate that the non-means tested Age Pension entitlement due to each retiree, today is in excess of $500 per week.
2008 Aug 20
Article by Ed James "Subject: Craig Munnings claimed he investigated my fathers and my concerns about the abuse of due process by Gosford City Council for forty days. Premier Morris Iemma and Mayor Jim Macfadgen should be concerned that the Labor Party would support Mr Munnings." "Threatening letters were sent to constituents and money and resources were misappropriated by the corrupt council. All of this was done after the Corrupt Council was advised in writing that an elected corporate entity has no legal entitlement to pursue defamation action. " Craig Munnings. Jonathan Scorgy.
2008 Aug 20 Email by Edward James Re Gosford Council Edward writes: "Marie Andrews the current member for Gosford is part of the perceived conspiracy of cowardice involving the Labor Government in NSW and Liberal party members on the corrupt Gosford City Council to hide such a systemic abuse of the due process, involving an attempt by assessment team four to standover an elderly war veteran. Over ten thousand dollars and other community resources were inappropriately used by Gosford City Council. Councillors resolved to have the General Manger pursue all issues of defamation, which went on for two years."
2008 Aug 10
Barry O'Farrell Speech Transcript "Strengthening ICAC" "If such a provision was currently in place, the Premier and his Ministers could not hide behind the assumption that there is no onus on them to report corrupt conduct - instead they can leave it up to others. In fact, former Premier Morris Iemma boasted about Labor's method of dealing with corruption allegation "It is a liberating experience for politicians because once an anti-corruption agency exists, it gives you a simple transparent response to any allegation of corruption - take it to ICAC".
2008 Jun 17 Article by Sydney Morning Herald reporter Natasha Wallace re Dodwell of HealthQuest Sydney Morning Herald reporter Natasha Wallace reports on Dr Peter Dodwell "The chief medical officer of HealthQuest, the medical screening body for all public servants, has been sacked after telling the Education Department a teacher it intended employing was being investigated by police for defamatory website postings about him. There is no evidence the teacher was being investigated by police..."
2008 Mar 19 Article Jo Hewitt "Be Careful - Don't Step In The Corruption" RailCorp whistleblower Ms Bimla Chand.. $300,000 to "silence" her. Radio 2GB posed the question is NSW the corrupt state? the results show that 96% of the people polled recorded a YES opinion, with the remaining 4% recording NO. " UNCAC,
2008 Mar 18 Link to 2GB Interview with Gillian Sneddon - The Orkopoulos whistle blower Ray Hadley talks to Gillian Sneddon, who blew the whistle on Milton Orkopoulos. She used to be his electorate officer and has cast doubt over who knew about the sexual allegations and how long for. Gillian Sneddon has since been sacked from her job. Orkopoulos has been convicted
2008 Jul 4 Article by Danny Rose Article AAP "Bullying 'rife' in ambulance serviced" Liberal health spokesman Jillian Skinner said 593 ambulance officers had quit the service since 2002. suicide. Christine Hodder. Phil Roxburgh
2008 Mar 15 Article Orkopoulos, Sneddon Orkopoulos was found guilty of eight counts of having homosexual intercourse with a minor, 13 counts of supplying cannabis, four counts of supplying heroin, and three counts of indecent assault on a minor, related to plying young men with drugs and then having sex with them. The Herald revealed that Gillian Sneddon, Orkopoulos's former electorate officer in the Hunter seat of Swansea, who helped collect evidence from his office for police, had her employment terminated last month - the day she began to give evidence at the Orkopoulos trial
2008 Mar 15 Street-theatre in New Zealand on HealthQuest NSW IN New Zealand, at an arts and writers festival for human rights. Nigel Jamieson. Director Gary Trudeau US top political cartoonist. Joseph Stiglitz etc Activist's street theatre included an over six foot high banner "UNTOLD TALES OF POLITICAL TERROR IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC PART 1 THE NSW STATE LABOR GOVT "
2008 Mar 15 Article re RailCorp Whistleblower Bimla Chand
2008 Mar 7 Email circulated by Edward James "No surprise here Illawarra NEWS informs readers ICAC ignored corruption complaints from independent councillor ". Andrew Anthony
2008 Mar 3 Article by Jo Hewitt Answers Telegraph article by Linda Silmalis that "DOCTORS will be required by law to dob in their dodgy colleagues in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the Butcher of Bega 
2008 Mar 3 Article by Justine Ferrari In the Australian. "A NATIONAL system of registration for doctors is being finalised by federal, state and territory governments, which will help prevent cases such as that of Jayant Patel in Queensland and the "Butcher of Bega" in NSW." Dr Graeme Reeves.
2008 Feb 4 Article by Another HealthQuest Victim

"I was working with disabled clients in a large residential centre run by Dept Community Services (DoCS) as a registered nurse in the 1990's...When management failed to address the reports from myself and other registered nursing staff I made formal application on behalf of the client to seek the intervention of the (then) Guardianship Board. On the day I contacted the Guardianship Board Docs' immediate response was that they summarily locked me out of my workplace. "

2008 Feb 2 Interview transcript Ross Coulthart "As many as 200 victims of the 'Butcher of Bega' claim serious allegations they made about his alleged malpractice were ignored by the governments health watchdogs". Dr Graeme Reeves. HCCC. Ombudsman's Office, Premier. AMA. "Hundreds of complaints about Butcher of Bega ignored"
2007 Dec 20 Article in Crikey By Michael Pascoe Re Aust Wheat Board's "Food For Oil Bribes Scandal". "Yesterday's announcement of civil action against six individuals is merely an overture, but it's important for two reasons: former AWB CEO Andrew Lindberg might have escaped Tezza Coles' censure with a teary witness box performance, but ASIC is after him;.."
2007 Dec Re DET/TAFE spending Reports received that NSW Dept of Education/TAFE Legal Services Branch overspent their budget by some millions ($2,000,000 to $3,000,000?) in 2007. WBDE seek more information
2007 Nov Re DET/TAFE legal representation
  1. Major departmental policy changes for NSW Dept Education/TAFE legal matters? WBDE seek more information and documents.
  2. Future legal matters to be outsourced to private legal firms on contingency basis? If so, is this to put an end to legal marathons costing millions against whistleblowers?
2007 Nov 22 Democratic Labor Party Press Release Hilda Zhang DMC Unlawful Dismissal: The Case of Hilda Zhang "...dismissed for her unwillingness to break the law and her willingness to tell the truth." Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc
2007 Oct 31 Griffith University 1st Report Whistleblowing in Aust Public Sector
2007 Oct 1 Salary and allowances NSW Public Office Holders Arrangements and remuneration to be paid to NSW office holders on and from 1 October 2007. This applies to organisations including Commissioner PIC, Ombudsman, Deputy Pres ADT, Chairpersons G.R.E.A.T. Registrar Workers Comp Commission, etc
2007 Sep 28
Val Kerrison to Coutts-Trotter, Davison, Persson, Picone, Rizzo 1) In 2005 Australia signed UNCAC treaty including undertakings to now start to protect its whistleblowers, and giving UN right to recover assets from Australian corrupt officials ;
2) From 1994 - 2002 and again in 2006 I reported crime and criminal actions against me ."
2007 Sep 8 Article by Joseph Palmer Irene Moss, saviour of Australia's press freedom?? When questioned on ICAC "...Irene Moss is asked whether her executive officer, Stephen Murray and other senior ICAC officers were ALP members. At this point it is recorded on page 56, that the 'evidence continued in camera'" SEE Parliament Report
2007 Sep 1 Letter by Alison Viney CEO HealthQuest Excerpts from undated HealthQuest letter by Alison Viney CEO obtained Sep 2007. Viney backs Dr Dodwell to seek that the whistleblower applying to work in the NSW gov dept be "assessed/examined" by a neuropsychologist, a psychiatrist, and a physician to determine if the whistleblower is "fit" to work in Department. HealthQuest and gov dept officers forcing whistleblowers to submit to forced medical processes.
2007 Aug 17 Val Kerrison's Affidavit of Reply and Claims Affidavit filed in Administrative Decisions Tribunal Val Kerrison's reply to TAFE, Central Sydney Area Health (HealthQuest), and NSW Health Dept (Medical Appeals Panel [MAP]) along with further claims against TAFE for discrimination on grounds of presumed disability and victimisation for standing up for Aborigines in Kempsey TAFE Djigay Centre , along with claims HealthQuest and MAP is aiding and abetting TAFE: Willmott. Ramsey. McGregor. Jagger. Mandel. Cribb. Lockwood. Scuglia. Gallagher. Quinn. Robison. Walshaw.
2007 Aug 13 Article by Jo Hewitt "9 December is Anti-Corruption Day". Under United Nations Convention Against Corruption treaty, "Howard and his thugs/premiers SHOULD have their assets stripped from them, and returned to the people"
2007 Aug 12 Sunday Telegraph Article by Andrew Chesterton "Jeff Shaw's fall from grace" "Disgraced former supreme court judge Jeff Shaw said he never thought that his drinking was "out of control'' - despite a stint in rehabilitation following a drink-driving conviction and a staggering fall from grace."
2007 Aug 3 Attorney-Gen Philip Ruddock to Val Kerrison John Howard's Federal Attorney Philip Ruddock's letter in reply to Val Kerrison's letter to Mark Vaile 27 July 2007 While Ruddock:proclaims "Australia has implemented the mandatory requirements in UNCAC and some non-mandatory requirements" the whistleblowers persecuted Persecuting whistleblowers is a crime under Crimes Act 1900 sections 322 and 323 [
2007 Aug 1 In Industrial Relations Commission Despite TAFE admitting Kerrison still employee and paying her since the April 2004 meeting with Crown Solicitors and TAFE IRC judges Staunton ,Walton & Staff now state a discriminatory "medical retirement" against her and and backdate it to 1996. Minister and ADB President could intervene but do not. The fraudulent retirement certificate Staff, Staunton and Walton rely on was manufactured in secret by HealthQuest's Jagger and Mandel under Gapper, in breach of mandatory procedural fairness "If that decision adversely affects the rights, property or legitimate expectations of a person denied natural justice, the decision will at least to that extent be void"
2007 Jul 27
Val Kerrison Fax to Mark Vaile "Regarding my fax to you last month, and your response that it was sent to Mr Philip Ruddock, unfortunately, similar to the past decade, nothing has improved.

As with communication to Mr Howard I have not received a reply from Mr Ruddock, and on searching his site cannot see any indication that he is in any way involved in anti-corruption actions or whistleblower protection as required under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption."

2007 Jul 27 Val Kerrison Fax to Mark Vaile Dpty Prime Minister "Regarding my fax to you last month , and your response that it was sent to Mr Philip Ruddock, unfortunately, similar to the past decade, nothing has improved. As with communication to Mr Howard I have not received a reply from Mr Ruddock, and on searching his site cannot see any indication that he is in any way involved in any anti-corruption actions or whistleblower protection as required under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption." Persecuting whistleblowers is a crime under Crimes Act 1900 sections 322 and 323
2007 Jul 16 WBDE to Transparency International Aust Letter to Transparency International (TI), Australia. WBDE: "Corruption in Australia government is high, much higher than intimated in UN publications. Many officers and ministers simply sit and service the systemic, seemingly sadistic, corruption above them".
2007 Jul 16 WBDE to Transparency International Berlin Letter to Transparency International (TI) Berlin. WBDE: "The cost of corruption within Australia cannot be measured, but as a small indication WBDE count the annual cost of keeping the officers who are being used against Mrs Kerrison as being well in excess of $3 million per year, and growing exponentially as it requires more corrupt officers to service and maintain the existing corruption each year."
2007 Jun 29
Val Kerrison Letter to Mark Vaile "However, Australia has now chosen to sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and as a signatory since around 2002 is required to address its corruption ". The "[Crown Solicitors Office] legal representatives grow fatter off the public funds they claim while keeping court cases alive "
2007 Jun 29 UNCAC Civil Society Statement "However, Australia has now chosen to sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and as a signatory since around 2002 is required to address its corruption. Further, as persecuting whistleblowers is systemic in many countries, at the [UNCAC meeting in December 2006 the member states (including Australia) were again told to protect whistleblowers. References from that meeting are at "
2007 Jun 8 Judgement IRC TAFE Kerrison Walton J. Staunton J. & Staff J. took little time to decide for Crown Solicitors and TAFE against whistleblower Kerrison. Potential costs against Kerrison of up to several millions public money spent so far by TAFE and Crown Solicitors despite denial of natural justice throughout which the public identified years ago. Justices rely on discriminatory phrase "medical retirement" as reason.
2007 Jun 1
Andrew Stoner MP to Parliament re Val Kerrison The fact that she has been denied procedural fairness and natural justice renders the actions and evidence of the department null and void; hence there is no need for an order of the court to set the matter aside. I therefore call on the Premier and the Auditor-General to instruct the Crown Solicitor to cease action against Mrs Kerrison and arrange for her legal entitlements to be paid."
2007 May 30 Della Bosca to Sant'Angelo NSW Industrial Relations minister John Della Bosca 'considers' persecution of whistleblowers. He "can find no evidence to support your claims that whistleblowers are persecuted by the Government." Chris Raper.
2007 May 28 Kerrison Fax to Crown Solicitors "Your clients TAFE could have with the stroke of a pen or verbally allowed me my absolute right to procedural fairness as set out in Dixon v Commonwealth (attached)." Brus, Cribb, Rizzo, Burton etc Dept Health, DET/TAFE, HealthQuest. Davison "...hope for justice and safety was again snatched away"
2007 May 25 Article by Jo Hewitt HealthQuest the discriminating thugs' arm of Iemmas government. Auditor-General's Report to Parliament on HealthQuest. "We identified opportunities for improvement in internal controls and procedures. These were minor, and we reported them to management...". HealthQuest's fraudulent retirement certificates against Val Kerrison and Pene Loza and unpublished number of others. Fraudulent HealthQuest retirement certificates manufactured against whistleblowers: breach Procedural Fairness rights, Privacy Act , and Crimes Act for perceived fraud and other sections including....
2007 May 22 Article by Antino Santangelo Industrial Relations Commission Rejects Val Kerrison's Application to Reopen her Case. Rely on fraudulent retirement certificate. Denial of simple procedural fairness and natural justice. Cartoon Justices Staunton, Staff and Walton. Crown Solicitors Office. Elaine Brus. Menzies. Peter Cribb. Iemma. Howard. Rudd. Beazley.
2007 May 22 Article by
Antino Santangelo
On 17 May 2007 IRC Rejects Val Kerrison's application to re-open and fix its errors in the judgement. "Medical Retirement" in judgement is discrimination. IRC must adhere to AntiDiscrimination Act. Procedural fairness is everyone's inalienable right. "Doctors" too must act within natural justice and discrimination law, and not summary detrimental decisions. Cartoon.
2007 May 21 Kerrison Fax to Crown Solicitors Re Letter 16 May 2007 "fraudulent Retirement Certificate" Denying Kerrison natural justice - unlike their treatment to pedophile DZ. Harassment. "...harm/silence me and my reports of serious wrongdoing...".
2007 May 17 Transcript Kerrison and TAFE IRC Transcript of IRC hearing for Kerrison's application to re-open for Walton, Staff, Staunton to correct "errors". Cartoon No right to appeal or question Walton, Staff, and Staunton's new ideas and "judgements". Walton, Staff & Staunton refuse Kerrison's application to re-open and correct errors. See the public's opinion and cartoon ] Whistleblowing. Persecution. Brus. Cribb. Iemma. Hatzistergos. Debus. Carr. Howard. Rudd. Beazley. See also APPLICATION 17 May 2007
2007 May 17 In NSW Industrial Relations Court Kerrison's Application,  and attached  WBDE application ,  with  Kerrison's Affidavit of Emergency   and  Re-reporting Crime    TAFE's Submissions and Kerrison's Reply   and   Affidavit on rights to procedural fairness; discrimination by IRC prohibited
2007 May 16 Kerrison's Affidavit to IRC Val Kerrison's affidavit to IRC includes the 2 emails to HealthQuest CEO Steven Davison. Absolute right to have TAFE's and HealthQuest's secret actions and decisions VOIDED. Explanations re discrimination in mandatory "medical retirement" "age retirement" etc. See also IRC judges Walton Staff and Staunton 'judgement' 9 December 2004.
2007 May 16 Crown Solicitors dun Kerrison Crown solicitors suddenly pressure Kerrison to pay $2,770 for 1999 case as a fore-runner to the hundreds of thousands of dollars TAFE and Crown Solicitors claimed in the following weeks. Denial of natural justice to whistleblowers. HealthQuest. Corruption. Fraudulent Retirement Certificate. DPP.
2007 May 15 Kerrison's 2nd email to HQ CEO Davison Following a long phone conversation between Val Kerrison and Steven Davison (HealthQuest's new CEO), Val forwarded discrimination case explaining the concept of non-discriminatory action on real or presumed disability. Late June '07 Val still waiting for Davison to reply. HealthQuest process. Discrimination.
2007 May 14 Justice Adams' Submissions John Bauskis v Judge Adams
In the Supreme Court John Bauskis has indicted Justice Adams for denying Mr Bauskis the right to Trial By Jury . Document Indicting Judge Adams and Justice Adam's Submissions
2007 May 14 Article by Ed McDonald Australia the Imploding Country - Decent Humans Beware! "... they could not be so dumb as to realise that out of all the complaints coming in (and there are more each year) they NEVER properly address any. This does not make for job satisfaction. Those real workers who like to perform a fair day's work for a (relatively) fair day's pay, leave. The unemployables stay..."
2007 May 9 Article Daily Telegraph Milton Orkopoulos "FORMER NSW government minister Milton Orkopoulos, who is facing more than 50 charges of child sex and drug offences, has been released on bail..."
2007 May 7 Kerrison's email to Davison HealthQuest's new CEO Steven Davison asked to speak with Val Kerrison and L [name withheld at this time]. Val's email to Davison explains again her right to procedural fairness. See also Dixon Case and References
2007 May 5 & 9 Articles re Patrick Power Pervert Excerpts from Daily Telegraph articles re 59 references in support of Dr Patrick Power child pornography offender. Two days pre-warning by shadow attorney general Greg Smith that Dr Power's computer was to be seized for examination for pornography films and files.
2007 May 1 Article Article By Activists on avoiding Govt medical assessments
2007 May 1 Email John Wilson Re hearing date set for 14 May 2007. People's right to Trial By Jury . and Indicting Judge Adams .
Justice Adam's Submissions
2007 Apr 21 Article by Antino Santangelo Magistrate Alison Viney Quits HealthQuest."...Alison Viney was not only aware of public servants being forced to see psychiatrists and psychologists against their will, she was actively involved in the decision-making... Steven Davison new CEO HealthQuest. Dr Peter Dodwell. Richard Persson - [Chairman] Administrator Warringah council. wife Marie Persson [TAFE]. HealthQuest scandals. Wayne Cahill. Dr Ian R Gardner; Terrence Hannan. Labour Council of NSW; Rosemary Milkins. Health NSW.
2007 April 13 Kerrison Submissions to IRC Kerrison's reply to TAFE/Crown Solicitor's submissions to the Industrial Relations Commission. Kerrison submits that “fraud unravels everything”, and that the document entitled “Again Re-reporting Apparent Crime” dated 6 February 2007 and attached to the Application to Re-open is not scandalous as proclaimed by Ms Brus, but evidence of fraud on which Mrs Kerrison relies to unravel this vast tangled web and seek justice as is her right"
2007 April 11 Ed McDonald Article Not Sure Which is Worse - ADB or ADT. Dragging whistleblowers out of job and to psychiatrists is discrimination. "Dr Death is safe in their hands".
2007 March 18 WBDE Letter to state and federal politicians WBDE measured cost of persecuting 1 whistleblower. More than $4 million.. WBDE notified State and Federal politicians and attached the Report WBDE sent to UNODC.
2007 March 15 WBDE Report to UNODC WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panels measured apparent widespread corruption in Australia government by public officials from Prime Minister Mr Howard's office and Opposition Leader Mr Kevin Rudd and sent their Report to the United Nations watchdog for UNCAC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) . Highlights NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (NSW ICAC) and its Act (ICAC Act). Cites the whistleblower cases of John Kite and Val Kerrison and some of ICAC's involvement
2007 March 14 Public Service Association Report PSA report on changed "Fitness to Continue" guidelines, and HealthQuest.
2007 March 14 HealthQuest Process Report "Flawed" process by HealthQuest is the finding of the Government and Related Employees Appeals Tribunal (GREAT) "...the recommendation to medically retire was not the result of a medical examination by HealthQuest, but an examination of medical reports about the person. " HealthQuest Appeals Committee
2007 March 5 IRC Application for Jury The NSW Industrial Relations Commission received Val Kerrison's Notice of Special Appearance and the Affidavit in support of the notice, challenging the jurisdiction of the present judges instead of the right to be judged by her equals [jury] as in Magna Carta, .
2007 March 3 Article by Stephen Murray Excerpt from report by NSW corruption centre, ICAC re moonlighting politicians disclosing their pecuniary interests. Cost million$$$. Around 3 years to produce. ICAC fails to correct itself. ICAC had worded its recommendations to ask the Legislative Assembly to merely consider some suggestions. Ethics committee stated that it had implemented 12 of the 14 recommendations simply by considering them. Corruption. Waste of public funds. Clover Moore. Iemma. Hatzistergos. Debus. Carr
2007 March 2 John Wilson Supreme Court Judge Indicted by First Grand Jury. On Tuesday the 27th of February, 2007, in the Registry of the NSW Supreme Court, Queen's Square, Sydney, an Indictment was filed against Michael Frederick Adams on the charge of denying John Peter Bauskis the Right to Trial by offence carrying a punishment of "not more than five years imprisonment".
2007 March Teacher gets an out of court settlement from DET/TAFE in ADT In a landmark anti-discrimination case in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT) against Department of Education/TAFE, a teacher [name withheld] won a favourable out of court settlement demonstrating that Department of Education/TAFE do not have an absolute right to ‘HealthQuest’ their Employees. Forced medical/psychiatric examination. Discrimination
2007 Feb 26 TAFE Submissions to IRC TAFE and Crown Solicitor's barrister Elaine Brus submissions to NSW Industrial Relations Court re Val Kerrison's application to re-open the case IRC 7143 of 2003. Re-reporting Apparent Crime and Brus "... asks that Court exercises it discretion and removes this document from the file". Iemma. Debus. Aquilina. Cribb. Willmott. HealthQuest. Mandel. Gapper. Jagger. Ramsey. etc
2007 Feb 22 John Wilson Indicts Judge For Refusing Trial By Jury After years of research, activism, lobbying etc John Wilson successfully lodged in the Sydney Supreme Court an indictment against Judge Adams for denying John Peter Bauskis the Right to Trial by Jury.
2007 Feb 11 Val Kerrison Email To Debus, Della Bosca, Hatzistergo, Iemma, Kelly, Hartcher,; Debnam.

"I ask again for assistance and where the Minister is entitled to intervene, that he does so as a matter of emergency." Reporting alleged Crime Application to Re-Open Case

2007 Feb 9 Application to Re-open Case in IRC In the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) Val Kerrison files and serves her Application to Re-open case 7143 of 2003 citing breaches of AntiDiscrimination Act, Crimes Act, jurisdiction, breaches of natural justice, undermined the function of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal and Enterprise Agreement. The public researched and investigated [ ] then judged [ ] more than 30 actions against Mrs Kerrison Null and Void due to lack of natural justice. Val attached her submission reporting crime to her Application and relies also on WBDE Application for ex debito justitiae and her own Affidavit of Emergency
2007 Feb 6 Criminal Allegations Reported Val Kerrison again reports alleged serious breaches of Crimes Act 1900 to John Watkins. Tony Kelly. Morris Iemma, John Della Bosca. Peter Debnam Bob Debus Stepan Kerkyasharian Steve Mark. Michael Slattery Chris Hartcher. Anne Sinclair. June McPhie. Tim Bugg. Lin Hatfield Dodds. AntiDiscrimination Act.
2007 Jan 23 "Iemma Control Bullying? What a Laugh" Article Published by Jo Hewitt. in Canberra Indymedia, Melbourne Indymedia, and relayed through other sites. Summary: Iemma country - the bullies' paradise. Carr. NSW Teachers Federation president Maree O'Halloran
2006 Dec 14 UN Convention Against Corruption Civil Society Statement in Full Update: In its Civil Society Statement UN Convention Against Corruption reiterates Australia must now honour its commitment to protect all whistleblowers. John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Iemma, Hatzistergos, Beattie, etc. Kerrison. Bourot. Roy. etc WBDE as a civil society participant. UNODC: UNCAC belongs to the people.
2006 Dec 6 Article re John Hatzistergos by Starry Night John Hatzistergo lying? HealthQuest fraudulent Retirement Certificates. Noreen Hay.Mandel. Gapper.Jagger.Iemma.Carr.Debus. Walshaw.Willmott.Ramsey.Cribb.Brus
2006 Dec 4 Article "Alison Viney, Solicitor and CEO of HealthQuest..." Submitted by Anonymous to Indymedia "Alison Viney, Solicitor and CEO of HealthQuest, and a Finger in Many Pies " Breaches UN Declaration of Human Rights. Denying whistleblowers their right to procedural fairness. ICAC. Legal Representation Office (LRO)
2006 Dec 4 Article - "Cronyism in NSW Courts" By Antino Santangelo. Viney. Orkopoulos. Scully. Hickey. Della Bosca. Michael Duffy. Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union. Trish Kavenagh. Laurie Brereton. Neville Wran. Wright. Walton. Staunton. Staff. Jeff Shaw. Donna McKenna.
2006 Dec 3 Article on Ken Boston from Indymedia "Ken Boston, former NSW Chief of education and champion of HealthQuest, now working in the U.K." Iemma. Tebitt. Aquilina. Carr. "... why not just bash her? Then they could all watch the blood splattering!! " pedophiles. "
2006 Nov 7
Sydney Indymedia Article - Judges Reinstate Workplace Pornographer But No Justice for HealthQuest Victims In the I.R.C Justices Walton, Bolton and Grayson have recently reinstated a workplace pornographer on the grounds that everyone was into it and he shouldn't have been singled out. The message seems to be that if you are going to disseminate, view and circulate extreme pornography on your work computer, make sure it's a group thing and you'll be OK. In stark contrast to the justice (?) accorded the above employee, not a single HealthQuest victim has had any of that in the I.R.C. or Administrative Decisions Tribunal.
2006 Jul 21 [name, organisation, and document temporarily withheld at this time] regarding a teacher's right to work
2006 Jul 16 Justice Action's Letter to HealthQuest "... false allegations of mental illness that are often made about people who have spoken up about corrupt practices." Letter by Brett Collins, President, Justice Action
2006 Jul 14 [name, organisation, and document temporarily withheld at this time] regarding a teacher's right to work
2006 Jun 30 HealthQuest Income & Expenditure Report Audit Office Financial Report for HealthQuest. Shows Department of Health 'tops up' the shortfall on HealthQuest's income and expenditure. HealthQuest's drive for new customers. Delivering 'services'. Whistleblowers. Fraudulent Retirement Certificates.
2006 Jun 20 PSA NSW Report
Public Sector Employment
Public sector employment trends and some statistics through 1995 - 2005. Categories. Aboriginal. Women.
2006 May 19 Article by Jo Hewitt. Ombudsman Office Another Expensive Farce. "Years ago, the Ombudsman's Office was set up, complete with Ombudsman' Act. This is not to say it worked in accordance with its own act. Apparently it did not. Apparently it was just another farce in a corrupt government..."
2006 May 15 Article by Antino Santangelo Persecuting Val Kerrison. "N.S.W. government used dishonest doctors at HealthQuest to certify that these people were sick when they were not. They could then be removed from their duties, bypassing antidiscrimination laws. Isn't there someone intelligent in a high position in the public service who could solve these kinds of problems without resort to lies, false accusations and court cases?"
2006 May 14 Article by Frank Moretti Public Servants Not Acting in Public Interest Need to be Removed From Office. Public servants paid salaries of $70,000 to $200,000 [and sometimes much more as is the case with ministers and prime minister, etc] from the public purse fail to act on reports by other public service employees of mismanagement, corruption, assault, malfeasance, racial discrimination, abuse of the disabled and other crimes. Should be removed from office. Cartoon Iemma and ilk
2006 May 13 Article By Robert Lee "Further to Ombudsman's Office Another Expensive Farce ... acting in the public interest, or the financial interest of the NSW Police Service? ... Hindering an investigation comes under Section 315 of the NSW Crimes Act 1900... is liable to imprisonment for seven years..." Bruce Barbour. Irene Moss. Police. Corruption.
2006 May 10 Article by Frank Moretti Media Giants Join Forces in "Right to Know" Campaign, Freedom of Information Monstered by High Court. A Freedom of Information request for their employee file was returned to the employee with a letter demanding that they identify and specify the exact documents they wanted or the F.O.I. request would be denied. Both government departments and HealthQuest have secretly made files on our whistleblowers. Whistleblowers, or any other employees are not informed when govt breaches it own Privacy laws FOI is the only way to obtain access to personal files
2006 May 09 Article by Jo Hewitt. Ombudsman's Office Double-Crosses Kerrison - HealthQuest Protected Disclosures (PD) Cover-ups. Barbour. Wheeler. Carr. Jeff Shaw. Already knew all of Val's PD. Were not going to acknowledge any more correspondence from her.
2006 May 8
Sydney Indymedia comment "How is This For Rotten" "The Ombudsman wrote back to the Police Ministers office asking for comment and informed them that if they did not reply within 14 days, the file would be closed. Guess what, they didn't reply and the file was closed. Mr Rowe of the Ombudsman's office described the false information supplied to her office as an 'apparent administrative error'.
2006 Mar 25 Article by Jo Hewitt. "If 2 or more are responsible for the same problem no-one is responsible". " department self-excused itself from applying the law to its brother department saying it was a "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" to do so. When the it was becoming clear to the public that the Ombudsman's Office and Audit office and Premiers office ignored government corruption, to create an illusion that it was doing something NSW premier set up ICAC. ICAC Act allows it to self-determine to do nothing!..."
2006 Mar 22 "Our right to justice and to demand answers from Judges and Attorney-General" New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission v Valda June Kerrison [2004] NSWIRComm 369 is still not finalized or perfected; therefore may be revisited. Mrs Kerrison is entitled to relief against injustice. Industrial Relations Commission to correct its own failure. Industrial Relations Commission to correct any failure by the legal representatives. Duty to the Court. Walton. Wright. Staff. Staunton, Knight.
2006 Mar 21 Val Kerrison's Affidavit to Industrial Relations Commission and Crown Solicitors Request for ex debito justitiae. Judge/s may/should inquire into and revisit this c as it is not finalised or perfected. Judges and lawyers' responsibilities. Forced “Medical Retirement” - Discrimination
2006 Mar 14 report by Jo Hewitt "HealthQuesting Val Kerrison" Alert. The Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) arranged that they would meet with TAFE and Crown Solicitors to give ‘directions’ re costs against Val. Alarmingly they told her “your attendance will not be required”
2006 Mar 10 Article by Ian Charles. 'Judges' on Val Kerrisons HealthQuesting cases are not even legitimate" "Seems like the judges are mere wanna-bes, not judges at all. Who were they again? Staff, Walton, Staunton, Wright? Probably the Crown Solicitors are bogus appointments too? Can someone tell us? This is based on John Wilson's impressive research..."
2006 Mar 08 Kerrison to IRC Excerpts, Val Kerrison to Industrial Relations Commission. IRC and cancer treatment concurrent. Against doctor's advice. Cause further cancer to develop?
2006 Mar 06 WBDE to Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian AntiDiscrimination Board. Responsibility to advise government including Industrial Relations Comm (judges Walton, Wright, Staunton, Staff), and Crown Sol's Office (Knight, Salpeter, Brus, Kenzie, Menzies) etc on discrimination. IRC imposing/condoning detriment of forced retirement on Val Kerrison. Public entitled to capable public servants. (See also: ex debito justitiae application.)
2006 Mar 03 Article by Jo Hewitt: "HealthQuesting Val Kerrison" Val Kerrison – Her Story. IndyMedia. A comprehensive summary of a whistleblower's experiences with TAFE NSW, HealthQuest, the courts and the Industrial Relations Commission.
2006 Feb 28 Don Kerrison to Andrew Stoner Excerpts from Kerrison to Andrew Stoner, local MP for Don and Val Kerrison, and leader of the Nationals. Knowledge of the case from year 2000. (See also: ex debito justitiae application.)
2006 Feb 28 Article from The Courier Mail IndyMedia. HealthQuesting process. Article Oct 05, PSYCH TESTS FOR BLOWING WHISTLE “We were doing what we were supposed to be doing, and they were watching dirty movies”
2006 Feb 24 "My name is Qu'ach Nhung. I was a Vietnamese Boat Person. HealthQuest ruined my life here in Australia." "The boss had stated I was dangerous and had to be medically retired... Why are they not brought to justice and imprisoned?" "... Dr Gapper and Dr Jagger lied about me." Fake Retirement Certificate? Gaming and Racing Board. Public Service Association
2006 Jan 30 Press Release by John Wilson "Judges on Parade" Protest Rally" "Australian Judges have undermined and eliminated the Laws and Liberties of the Australian People" denial of their right to TRIAL BY JURY. Unconscionable. Sinister. "Australian Judges have assumed absolute power whereby they can conceal their own incompetence, corruption and treachery" Challenging Jurisdiction and Affidavit in Local Court.
2006 Jan 29 Article by Franco Barbaro IndyMedia posting 20 Jan 06, "Hadi Stambouliah, psychologist, formerly of the notorious organization HealthQuest, continues to practice following numerous complaints against him to the Health Care Complaints Commission and the Psychologists Registration Board".
2006 Jan 28 Article by Laurel O'Brien "Whistleblowers and other victims of the System in N.S.W. are seeking justice ex debito justitiae, which in a nutshell means no amount of corrupt court cases in the IRC and other courts can negate the fact that these people are entitled to compensation..." Denial Procedural Fairness, Court to correct itself. HealthQuest. "fake and fraudulent retirement certificate". Wright. Walton. Staunton. Staff. Knight. Kerrison
2006 Jan 23 Article by Laura McNamara Dangerous Minds - The HealthQuest/Comcare scandal. "The following steps should immediately be taken to restore Australia's international reputation as a country that values human and civil rights."
2006 Jan 19 Article "ICAC, Moss and Carr's Macquarie Bank Job" Article by whistleblower. Conflict of interest. Carr. Moss. Macquarie Bank. ICAC. Appointments. Failure. "Entrenched corruption".
2006 Jan 05 Article by W McMahon Whistleblower's discussion with lawyer "Australian Courts Not Bound by International Conventions". Australia's responsibilities to uphold the UN conventions it signs with UN.
2005 Dec 24 Article from IndyMedia by Jo Hewitt Sack the bludging politicians who stole Christmas (See also: original article and comments at
2005 Dec 24 Article from IndyMedia by Jo Hewitt WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed seek information (See also: original article and comments at
2005 Dec 22 Message from Mordechai Vanunu From Mordechai Venunu nuclear whistleblower "For Whistleblowers site". "Wishing all my friends and supporters, VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006" An 18 year sentence, 11.5 years of solitary confinement for telling the truth. The Israeli government continues to hold him in Israel against his will.
2005 Dec 06 Article from IndyMedia by Ben Taylor Where there's a will there's a way (See also: original article and comments at
2005 Dec 05 Article from IndyMedia by Laurel O'Brien Marianne Saliba passes the buck on HealthQuest Abuses. Fraudulent retirement certificates. TAFE's 'Smoking Gun' Memo. (See also: original article and comments at
2005 Nov 30 John Kite Article, ABC News Article "Former National Parks officer cleared of Thredbo inquiry lying". Jury finds John Kite and Susan Ryan not guilty. ICAC. Cripps Q.C. Slattery QC. Corrupt conduct, false evidence, attempt to pervert the course of justice, perjury, misuse of information. Protected Disclosure.
2005 Nov 25 Letter [Withheld at this time]

"Mrs Kerrison, a friend of mine, complained of discrimination against Aboriginal students at Kempsey TAFE and was punished by her co-workers in co-operation with TAFE and HealthQuest. Overseas Mrs Kerrison is pictured on the web on Human Rights sites and deemed a praiseworthy supporter of women, Aboriginals, and other vulnerable people, yet to the N.S.W. government, Mrs Kerrison's name is dirt. Shame on you all."

Photo of Mrs Kerrison at Sydney's International Women's Day march

2005 Nov 21 Article from IndyMedia by Laurel O'Brien Kiwi Doctor Appointed to HealthQuest (See also: original article and comments at
2005 Nov 16 Administrative Decisions Tribunal EEO Case Conference with Val Kerrison, Julie Burton, Elaine Brus, Hennessey. Crown Solicitors' lawyer Brus refuses to answer for Kerrison's right to procedural fairness, natural justice. Hennessey requires K to run 4 discrimination cases all in together by 1 December 2005 (15 Days). Justice brought into disrepute. (Refer to Don Kerrison Fax to ADT EEO, 14 Nov 2005.)
2005 Nov 14 Don Kerrison Fax to ADT EEO Fax sent by Don Kerrison to Administrative Decisions Tribunal Equal Employment Opportunity Division. Val Kerrison, Elaine Brus (CSO), Ms Hennessey (ADT).
2005 Nov 13 Article from IndyMedia by Fred Logan Australia Unemployment Figures Fudged -- Psychiatry Flourishes Under John Howard. (See also: original article and comments at
2005 Oct 05 John Adams letter to Howard et al John Howard, Kim Beazley, Bob Debus, Morris Iemma, Andrew Tink, Andrew Humpherson, Peter Debnam, Gregor Ramsey, Gary Willmott, Val Kerrison, Bob Carr, HealthQuest Fake Retirement Certificates, Corruption, Fraud, Malice. See also: TAFE's 'Smoking Gun' Memo
2005 Aug 29 Justice Sackville's Lecture RE Criticism of Judiciary
[PDF 87k, also: ZIP 50k]
Justice Ronald Sackville lecture. Public interest. Principle of cardinal importance. Free Speech. ...everyone has the right to comment in good faith on matters of ...administration of justice...
2004 Dec 09 Industrial Relations Commission [Link] Link to judgement re TAFE's appeal.
2004 Nov 15 ABC PM report by Peta Donald "Judge took both blood samples" "Today Jeff Shaw, the former highly respected judge and well regarded attorney-general in the Carr Government, found himself on the other side of the bench as the star witness in a Police Integrity Commission inquiry."
2004 Sep 20 IRC Full Bench Disallow Mrs Kerrison’s contentions that TAFE failed to provide procedural fairness and natural justice.”; “Putting aside procedural fairness” Appeal by TAFE against Judgements in favour of Kerrison 31 March 2003 and December 2003, 15 members of the public to observe administration of justice in IRC. Walton. Staunton Staff, Brus, Cribb.
2004 Jun 25 Article: Camden Nurses Article by Ruth Pollard, Health Reporter "Old girls' network holds sway: health report", "The state's health system was plagued by medical mistakes and cover-ups... administrators protected by their political affiliations..." Knowles, ICAC, Iemma, Carr, Camden and Campbelltown hospitals.
2004 Jun 24 Article, SMH: Camden Nurses SMH article "Damning finding in NSW health inquiry". ICAC. Cover-up. Craig Knowles. Bullying the nurses. John Clarke QC. Bob Carr. Morris Iemma. Sacked: former chief of Camden and Campbelltown Jennifer Collins and her successor Deborah Piccone.
2004 Mar 11 Transcript Industrial Relations Commission
[DOC 219k]
Transcript and rebuttals supplied by Val Kerrison to her legal representatives Sue Barnes of Fisher Cartwright Berriman (FCB) and barrister Mike Perry. Val's instructions included this transcript and rebuttals and her submissions particularly her reply to TAFE [Link to Article]. . These may have been sufficient in themselves to instruct on the case. Many faxes, meetings, and emails followed. Aug '06 FCB, holding this material and knowing Val has cancer, commenced suing Val for more than $10,000 they alleged she owes additional to the thousands she had already paid. Link to reply
2004 Feb 29 Article, ABC: Camden Nurses Article "Whistleblower nurses' credibility under fire" Campbelltown and Camden hospitals. Sackings. Macarthur Area Health Service Board. Jennifer Collins. Nola Fraser. Ongoing intimidation of Whistleblowers. Morris Iemma, Craig Knowles, Bob Carr.
2003 Dec 12 Article, SMH: Campbelltown and Camden hospitals' nurses Article SMH by Debra Jposon "Whistleblower nurses wary of inquiry". "hundreds of deaths...", "...five nurses, all of whom lost their public hospital jobs..." Sheree Martin. Yvonne Quinn, Nola Fraser, Vanessa Bragg, Valerie Owen. Morris Iemma, apologised to the nurses... undertook to welcome them back into the health system, ...but the five whistleblowers, ...have received no personal apology, nor job offers from NSW Health..." (See also: original article at
2003 Dec 10 IRC Judgement for Kerrison TAFE to pay all back pay, superannuation, interest and costs. Kerrison a TAFE employee according to law. TAFE shall not require that Val Kerrison submit to any other medical (or purported medical) examination as a pre-condition of return to duties. Knight, Cribb, Willmott, Ramsey, Kenzie, Menzies, Brus, Lye, Hart.
2003 Apr 2 Minutes of Meeting Crown Solicitors, TAFE, Kerrison TAFE and Crown Solicitors agree Val Kerrison is still TAFE employee and arrange to put her back on TAFE payroll. Nine months later, still paying Kerrison her salary, TAFE and CSO lodge an appeal to "claw it back". 2007 IRC 'judges' Walton, Staff, Staunton award TAFE massive costs against Kerrison. "wasting public money". Cribb. Brus. MacDonald. MacMahon Associates. NSW Teachers Federation.
2003 Mar 31 Kerrison to Andrew Stoner MP Transcripts re Kempsey TAFE denying Aboriginal students education in Kempsey TAFE and Djigay Centre. McGregor, Robison, Hayes, Willmott, Ramsey, Walshaw, Quinn, Gorie, Wykes, Hartigan, Meerman, Lockwood, Carr, Ombudsman, Wynn. See also: TAFE's 'Smoking Gun' Memo
2003 Mar 21 IRC Judgement for Kerrison
[PDF 223k, also: ZIP 50k]
Justice Schmidt declares Kerrison still employed by TAFE. Entitled to money, superannuation, interest. When Kerrison cross-examined Dr Ramsey he denied that he gave any instructions to Dr Willmott that Ms Kerrison should be threatened with danger if she lodged another grievance. Tape recordings. Natural justice.
2003 Jan 31 Article by Joseph Palmer The Whistle Watching the Sleeping Watchdog "There is clearly a need for much more media attention and scrutiny which is critical of ICACs independence, lack of accountability and unwillingness to investigate entrenched corruption and cronyism in the public service and other government agencies
2002 Article from Article “Psychiatric Stigma Follows You Everywhere”. Medical history questionnaires used by employers and insurance companies.
2002 Dec 19 Lecture by Justice Einfeld University of Newcastle Transcript - Annual Human Rights and Social Justice Lecture by Justice Einfield "... Australian human rights. For most of these last almost 54 years since the Universal Declaration, Australia has been one of the leaders in implementing the humanitarian standards it identifies. " The Honourable Justice Marcus Einfeld AO QC
2002 Dec 03 Kerrison Affidavit
[PDF 14k, also: ZIP 9k]
DoCS Destroying Files. Kerrison hired to delete and alter Disabilities Programs reports by Dept Community Services staff for the minister. Turiano.
2002 Dec 1
Article Excerpt "House of Cards" From Bosswatch: "The fallout from the HIH collapse threatens to travel all the way to the Lodge with a legal case pulling the PM (Mr John Howard) into its complex web."
2002 Dec 01 Article, Sun Herald Dept Education. Row Over Boston's UK Job. Questions re handling of paedophilia allegations
2002 Nov 03 Industrial Relations Commission
[PDF 230k, also: ZIP 61k]
Val Kerrison's reply to TAFE submissions are organised and indexed in the subject categories, then cross-referenced to the evidence. Val's submissions are written to a standard purposely structured to be followed by average adults and incorporates simple reasoning and examples for her case; e.g. discrimination, human rights, opinion/finding, fake Retirement Certificate etc. Schmidt J. awarded the case win to Val. Under FCB, Crown Solicitors, the IRC Appeals Bench, her win was overturned. Walton. Staunton. Staff. Barnes. Fisher. Cartwright. Berriman. Perry. Brus. Menzies. Burton.
2002 Sep 10 Kerrison Affidavit re Tapes
[PDF 18k, also: ZIP 13k]
Kerrison taped TAFE’s meetings including managers’ threats of danger to her. Regarding Kerrison’s employment status, in 1997 Aquilina tells Kerrison to wait. Circa 2001, silencing Kerrison had cost “millions” O’Sullivan, Aquilina, McGregor, Quinn, Carr, Cribb, Brus, Knight, Walshaw, Ramsey, Willmott. Making a mockery of TAFE education. See also: TAFE's 'Smoking Gun' Memo
2002 Aug 30 Industrial Relations Commission
[PDF 203k, also: ZIP 40k]
TAFE's submissions.
2002 Aug 21 Letter re complaint against Justice Marks Judicial Comm NSW advises Justice Marks of IRC of a complaint against him. Judicial Comm gives Justice Marks procedural fairness. Crown Solicitors and DoCS give Pedophile DZ procedural fairness. Crown Solicitors, DoCS, Attorney-General, Iemma IRC, TAFE, HealthQuest, Stevenson, Brus, Cribb, Lye, etc continue to deny whistleblowers Bourot, Kerrison, etc procedural fairness.
2002 Aug 01 Industrial Relations Commission
[PDF 206k, also: ZIP 69k]

Kerrison's submissions.

2002 Jul 16
ABC Local Radio Transcript of "Anger at DOCS" Reporter: Michael Vincent. Linda Mottram: There are calls for a Royal Commission into the New South Wales Department of Community Services this morning. Last night, the ABC's Four Corners programme highlighted serious allegations of report rigging and cover ups within the child protection section of the department, including the re-writing of reports about children's deaths to erase any connection to the department. Four Corners also revealed claims that the Department, known as DOCS, was more interested in protecting itself than children." DoCs destroying reports also notified by Val Kerrison in her affidavit.
2002 Jun 14 Kerrison Affidavit Employment Status
[PDF 21k, also: ZIP 15k]
Kerrison to TAFE "I have yet to receive notification … regarding the present status of my employment…." TAFE Legal Officer Mr Peter Cribb to Ms Ros Williamson. Page 2 "allegations…grounds of racial and gender discrimination…“ Walshaw, Crawford, Williamson, Cribb
2002 May 20 Kerrison Affidavit Dr James Holmes Psychiatrist
[PDF 51k, also: ZIP 43k]
Failure to obtain informed consent. Assault, Trespass. Freedom of Information requests uncovered that Dr Holmes, TAFE, HealthQuest, and CRS were freely writing, circulating and compiling files of offensive personal allegations without our knowledge or consent. AMA ”… in a manner reminiscent of the Soviet use of psychiatry in dealing with political dissidents…"
2001 Nov 30 NSW Parliament Report on ICAC Parliament of NSW Committee Report No 7/52nd on the ICAC General Meeting With the Commissioner of the ICAC Irene Moss: "I am quite disturbed that there are implications being made on the professionalism of individual members of my staff." ...(Evidence continued in camera). Stephen Murray. Irene Moss. David Oldfield. Joe Tripodi
2001 Nov 29 Kerrison Judgement on Admissions
[PDF 14k, also: ZIP 8k]
NOTICE OF MOTION seeking judgement on admissions under Commission Rules r 155. Kerrison relies upon NOTICE TO ADMIT, 22 August 2001, NOTICE DISPUTING FACTS 4 September 2001… North Coast Institute (NCI) of TAFE recording a last day of service dated 30 June 1995 but not carried through.
2001 Oct 31 Val Kerrison fax to Police
[PDF 1600k]   [DOC - 70k]
"Much of the following is repetitive to a) my first complaint to the police officers Constable Tania Flaherty and Detective Inspector Terry Walsh on 6 August; b) my fax dated 30 October 2001; c) telephone conversation with yourself, Officer John Whitehall on 30 October 2001..... In light of this I again ask that these 3 submissions to your office now be sent higher to both the Police Integrity Committee and to Commissioner Peter Ryan." [ [ Link to Letter from Police 24 Oct 2001]
2001 Oct 24 Police Letter to Val Kerrison
[PDF 116k]
Kerrison made submissions to DPP and Police Department and alleged crime, fraud, false instrument [see WBDE References for definitions] in HealthQuest's fake/fraudulent "Retirement Certificates". "...As Inspector Walsh indicated the file was forwarded to the Police Operational Advice Section. The file was returned with the recommendation that it passed on to the ICAC for further consideration..." [ Link to Reply 2001 Oct 31]
2001 Sep 19 Extracts from ICAC report re John Kite National Parks and Wildlife Services. Thredbo. ICAC 'inquiry'. re "Smoking Gun" Memo. Corrupt conduct, false evidence, attempt to pervert the course of justice, perjury, misuse of information. Kite found Not Guilty by JURY 30 November 2005 (see ABC news report). Hon John Slattery AO QC was engaged by ICAC. Protected Disclosure. ICAC to 'fix'.
2001 Sep 06 Kerrison Affidavit TAFE 1998 LWOP
[PDF 59k, also: ZIP 51k]
TAFE denial Kerrison procedural fairness/natural justice before, on or after the 17 January 1995. Denied rights re allegations and decisions. In 1998 TAFE applied Leave Without Pay against Kerrison to be applied retrospectively for past years to sever superannuation, and “withdraw” as Kerrison’s employer. Exit, Ramsey, Willmott, Cribb, Brus, Kenzie, Menzies, Carr, Aquilina. See also: TAFE's 'Smoking Gun' Memo
2001 Sep 05 Premier's Memorandum No 2001 – 11 Lowe report, Principles of accountability, transparency and procedural justice. Ombudsman. ICAC. HealthQuest. Bob Carr. Barry McGrath.
2001 Sep 04 In IRC Kerrison Affidavit of Repy to TAFE
[HTML 105k, also: ZIP 44k]
If TAFE’s staff and management had believed in the validity of their actions and allegations they could have followed proper process, but did not. Kerrison replies to TAFE. Serious, secret systemic punishment/torture. Cribb. Gerardo De Liseo. Shouting “Have you ever said the word ’gun’”. Mrs Kerrison, driven out of her home for almost a decade. Horror and fear, Mrs Kerrison collapses. Denial of Natural Justice and Procedural Fairness. Crimes Act. Privacy Act. OH&S Act. Industrial Relations Act. Willmott, Aboriginals, Djigay, Cribb, Ramsey, Aquilina, Carr.
2001 Aug 23 Pene Loza's Affidavit to IRC
[PDF 1800K]

Affidavit by Maori Pene Loza for Val Kerrison in IRC. Disallowed by IRC. Pene was appointed by TAFE Managing Director. HealthQuest "Retirement Certificate" was 'accepted' by Margaret Cox NCI TAFE Director as terminating Pene's employment. "..I had apparently been retired , without notice or discussion..." "...I was duped into believing that the HealthQuest Certificate was an official document..." Kerry Walshaw. Kay Eliasson. Dr Eva Mandel. Dr Helia Gapper .

2001 Aug 18 Val Kerrison's Notes of Her Report to Police Dept

Notes made by Val Kerrison at the time she reported to the Police Department her allegations that HealthQuest doctors breached the Crimes Act with the fake/fraudulent Retirement Certificates.

2001 Jul 02 3. Russell Tribunal Verdict Against Psychiatry

The Russell Tribunal is convinced that the serious abuse of human rights in the name of psychiatry is widespread but largely unrecognized

2001 Jun 25 NPW "Smoking Gun" memo against John Kite (transcript)
[Also: GIF 49k]

National Parks and Wildlife “Smoking Gun" memo against John Kite. Permanency offer in return for him changing his coronial evidence. It should leave him without a job, the PSA wont help him. Corruption allegations."If he goes to ICAC we get our contact to deal with it." Protected Disclosure. Penny Spoelder. Cathy Hallams. Slattery QC. Cripps QC. Carlin. Criss. Halstead. Hellams. Howard. Ingram. Lee. Meades. Woodhouse.

2001 Jun 01 2. Russell Tribunal is backed by UN [Link]

Link to

Message from United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: “ Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion…Yet we all know a divide remains between this …and the reality…’.

2001 May World Medical Assoc Policy re political psychiatry. Calls on physicians and psychiatrists to resist involvement in these abusive practices. Psychiatric treatment, [forced ‘assessment’] as punishment.
2001 May 3
ABC TV Program Transcript re Liquidation HIH "Six weeks after Australia's second biggest insurance company, HIH, was forced into liquidation, The full ramifications of the collapse are only just sinking in." "And as the shock waves of the HIH collapse spread, the pressure is growing on the Federal Government and the insurance industry watchdog -- APRA -- to explain how it happened."
2001 May 04 Call for Education Minister to resign Because of his repeated willingness to accept -- and use -- false information. Victimisation and cover-up. False certificates are forbidden under sect 337 and 347 of the Crimes Act. Teachers duped. John Aquilina. Bob Carr.
2001 Feb 24 1. Russell Tribunal Accusation, World Psychiatric Assoc International Russell Tribunal on Human Rights in Psychiatry charged the World Psychiatric Association for crimes against humanity including torturing, psychiatric labelling, discrediting political dissidents.
2001 Feb 18 Excerpt from Val Kerrison to HCCC In Feb 2001 Kerrison and other whistleblowers [name withheld at this time] met with Ms Amanda Adrian, Commissioner of Health Care Complaints Commission, protesting at the denial of natural justice, the denial of legal process, and the torture inflicted on whistleblowers by HealthQuest and Departments using the fake retirement/fraudulent certificates and on-tap psychiatric labelling. This is an excerpt of Kerrison's follow up document to Ms Adrian.
2001 Feb 05 Kerrison Affidavit to HCCC False Certificates
[PDF 28k, also: ZIP 21k]
Forced psychiatric appointment. No informed consent. Mandel, Jagger, Holmes, Gapper, HealthQuest. Aboriginal students. HealthQuest document " RETIREMENT CERTIFICATE" dated 16 June 1995 while Kerrison was employed and working at Kempsey TAFE. Crimes Act. Fraud. Ramsey, Willmott, Cribb, Brus, Kenzie, Menzies, Carr, Aquilina, Mandel, Jagger, Gapper. See also: TAFE's 'Smoking Gun' Memo.
2001 Jan 25 Quote from Ross Coulthart Channel 9 Excerpt from ICAC's own report that "... Ross Coulthart contacted the Commission [ICAC] raising concerns … about the Commission investigating Mr Kite’s complaint..." See Jury of the people (not ICAC) cleared John Kite; Smoking Gun memo; Kite cleared.
2001 Jan 23 Article "Get the Jobless Rate Right" "The Age" "Only real unemployment figures will result in a REAL solution to our current state of mass unemployment..."
2001 Jan 03 Kerrison Affidavit False Entries Public Registers
[PDF 31k, also: ZIP 24k]
Ramsey: “… that the full-time teacher of a word processing course [Ms Rhonda Hayes] enrolled herself in the course without the knowledge of the Head Teacher and then gave herself 100% exam results." The then Kempsey College Registrar and College Principal were allegedly involved in aspects of this incident. Ramsey, Willmott, Carr, Brus, Crobb. Kenzie, Menzies
2000-01 Health Care Complaints Commission report HCCC’s [consultant David Lowe Ent] ‘investigation’ of HealthQuest (NSW Govt Medical Office) confirms allegations. Pezzutti, Kerrison, etc
2000 Nov 20 Kerrison Affidavit Response to TAFE
[PDF 54k, also: ZIP 46k]
TAFE has not produced any evidence to show that KerrisonI was afforded natural justice/procedural fairness in any decisions … Terms and conditions of the TAFE Commission Enterprise Agreement .signed jointly on 31 January 1994 by Dr Ramsey and John Hennessey (General Secretary of the NSW Teachers Federation)
2000 Oct 20 Crown Solicitor's Office to Kerrison Raoul Salpeter of Crown Solicitor's Office stated on oath that the Government Medical Office (HealthQuest) issued a "certificate recommending the retirement of " Kerrison. See WBDE References: a certificate refers to something already occurred; a recommendation refers to something which may or may not happen. Two entirely different words, definitions, and concepts. See also, fake and fraudulent certificate. Misleading the courts. Perverting the course of justice. Cribb, Menzies, McKenzie, Brus, Debus, Iemma, Carr. Crimes Act.
2000 Aug 09 Kerrison Affidavit Not Retired
[PDF 121k, also: ZIP 34k]
April 1996 TAFE arbitrarily stopped Kerrison’s wages again by changing computer to Nil salary thus leaving her without income and still in employment limbo. Without Kerrison’s knowledge or authorization TAFE put through a journal entry and annexed all her accumulated Long Service Leave, and Sick Leave entitlements. Fraud. Lockwood Cribb
2000 Jun 05 Kerrison PD to Ombudsman Chris Wheeler. Bruce Barber. Protected Disclosures ignored. Not protected. TAFE. Purported/pretend retirement certificate. Discriminatory phrase “medical retirement”. Duping the uninformed [fraud].
2000 Apr 01 PSMO Circular Public Sector Management Office HealthQuest “RETIREMENT CERTIFICATES” confusion? Alleged fraudulent certificates. C. Gellatly, Gary McGrath, Bob Carr.
2000 Mar HealthQuest report by David Lowe Consulting
[PDF 317k, also: ZIP 67k]

“Difficult” employees. Procedural fairness (see References) Dept Health officers, Health Care Complaints Commissioners, Premier Mr Carr’s office, Ombudsman’s Office, ICAC and Ms Irene Moss through the years.

HealthQuest:“…it is not the purpose of [our] assessment to inform an employee of the details of any or all allegations made by an employer about the employee’s conduct or health status...

1999 Sep First success against MAP … teacher to continue her employment as a teacher“. MAP’s psychiatrist “removed” from MAP’s list. “It is not known what happened to the allegedly fake retirement certificate
1999 Sep 15 HCCC to Kerrison Health Care Complaints Commission letters to complainants including Pezzutti, Kerrison. Procedural Fairness. Privacy. HealthQuest & MAP, no informed consent to be ‘assessed’. Bruce Greetham, Amanda Adrian.
1999 Mar 18 Ombudsman to HealthQuest Dr Helia Gapper. Is there any type of information HealthQuest will not accept from their clients (departments) against the targeted employee?
1999 Mar 18 Ombudsman’s Office to WhistleBlowers Aust. Premier’s Dept. ICAC. Ombudsman. Helen Ford. … inquiries about the practices and procedures of HealthQuest.
1999 Mar 18 Ombudsman's Office to Dr Gapper HealthQuest
[PDF 443k]
Ombudsman's Office, Premier's Office, Audit Office, ICAC, HealthQuest, Governor, et all write letters to each other, meet, and do nothing in the public interest. The whistleblowers such as nurses, police and individuals such as the 'HealthQuested' whistleblowers are left to rot while these depts waste millions. Their letters show the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments and ministers (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, Dodwell, Gapper, etc). Malice.
1999 Jan 11 Premiers Dept to Kerrison
[PDF 227k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1998 WBA Article re HealthQuest Premier’s (Bob Carr’s) guidelines apparently ignore a requirement for informed consent before any registered medical practitioner practices giving rise to perception of human ‘meat market’ mentality.
1998 Oct 09 Premiers Dept to Kerrison
[PDF 231k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1998 Oct 07 Audit Office to Kerrison
[PDF 248k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1998 Sep 17 Premiers Dept to Kerrison
[PDF 236k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1998 Sep 13 Article: "Outrage over psychiatric 'findings'" Alleged collusion and HealthQuest psychiatrists “certifying” Australian dissident workers. ICAC, Cribb, Lockwood, Jagger, Kerrison files.
1998 Sep 10 Labor Council Michael Costa to Kerrison Kerrison complained that Teachers Federation did not support her, and Michael Costa ‘flicks’ Kerrison’s complaint to John Hennessey of the Teachers Federation. Issues remained unaddressed.
1998 Jul 16 Premiers Dept to Kerrison
[PDF 242k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1998 Jul 07 Article. Dr Ken Boston. Apology DET laid disciplinary charges against at least 4 teachers who reported sex offender. Peter Boys 10 years jail.
1998 Jun 26 WhistleBlowers Survey Results HealthQuest’s ‘certificates’. Invalid/fraudulent. Purported forced [discriminatory] ‘medical retirement’. Not issued in response to incapacitating sickness. Dissidents still working.
1998 Apr 16 Premiers Dept to Kerrison
[PDF 250k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1998 Apr 14 State Super “retrospective LWOP" 1996
[GIF 41k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. State Super apply a “retrospective LWOP (Leave Without Pay)…1996…” against K. EX38
1998 Mar 26 TAFE fax to State Super
[GIF 29k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE fax to State Super K Exit/ LWOP (Leave Without Pay) against K. Ex 35
1998 Mar 26 TAFE to State Super
[GIF 42k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE to State Super to apply SLWOP (Sick Leave Without Pay) from “15.4.96…” against K. Ex 3 (13)
1998 Jan 13 TAFE Legal Officer Cribb to TAFE Lockwood
[GIF 22k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Legal Officer Cribb to TAFE Lockwood "...K seeking information and making continued demands for an inquiry...". Ex 4 (3)
1998 Jan 11 Governor to Kerrison
[PDF 162k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1997 Wood Royal Commission re Departments Departments generally entertained "A readiness to penalise an officer or employee who reported possible misconduct by fellow worker"
1997 Wood Royal Commission Reports on treatment of DOCS' Paedophile. Crown Solicitors. Procedural fairness to paedophile, set aside penalty. Secret files and actions held against whistleblowers without rights.
1997 Nov 19 TAFE Thurston to TAFE Mortimer
[GIF 26k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Thurston to TAFE Mortimer “Medical Retirement” “Revealed June 99” Ex 85
1997 Nov 11 In Parliament Hon Jeff Shaw
[GIF 27k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. In Parliament Hon Jeff Shaw ”Ms K’s medical retirement…1996” Ex3 (6)
1997 Aug 31 Wood Royal Commission Paedophile Inquiry Excerpt from Wood Royal Commission re paedophile DZ Dept Community Services. HealthQuest's involvement. Crown Solicitor's Office. Procedural fairness given to paedophile but not to whistleblowers Bourot, Roy, Kerrison, etc. Full paedophile report
1997 Jul

TAFE to State Super “…No Decision….”
[GIF 35k]

NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE to State Super “…No Decision….” Ex 3 (10)
1997 Jul TAFE VR package, K
[GIF 39k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE VR [Voluntary Redundancy] package K. EX 29 (3a)
1997 Apr 04 Article: "A modern day witch-hunt" Allegations of sex offenders in schools. John Aquilina, Bob Carr, NSW Teachers Federation, Socialist Equality Party, Attorney-General Jeff Shaw, Wood Royal Commission.
1997 Feb TAFE Quinn to McGregor
[GIF 41k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Quinn to McGregor. Letter “dated” 20 April 1995. Ex 24 (2)
1997 Feb TAFE Quinn to Walshaw
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Quinn to Walshaw. Letter “dated” 19 April 1995. Ex 24 (4)
1996 Apr 22 TAFE Walshaw to Dept Social Security
[GIF 24k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Walshaw to Dept Social Security. TAFE “placed K on sick leave without pay…”EX34
1996 Apr 18 TAFE Journal Entries Subtracting all K's entitlements
[GIF 22k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE computer records. TAFE journal entries subtracted Extended Leave -294; and subtracted Sick Leave -190.5 from K entitlements. Ex93
1996 Apr 18 TAFE Salary slip (K)
[GIF 28k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Salary slip. Mrs K’s Base Salary $0.00 Extended Leave 57.59. EX 14
1996 Apr 04 TAFE Salary slip (K)
[GIF 26k]
TAFE Salary slip to Mrs Kerrison. Base Salary $43850.00. Extended leave 57.17. EX 14
1996 Jan 24 Barry Hart - Victim of Chelmsford Hospital Part of a speech by Barry Hart, who was one of the victims of the "deep sleep" treatment inflicted on patients at Chelmsford Private Hospital in the 1970s.
1996 Jan 23 TAFE Gail Robison to TAFE Legal Div
[GIF 42k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Gail Robison to TAFE Legal Div. Exh 99
1996 Jan 23 TAFE Gail Robison to Mary Dale TAFE Legal Div
[GIF 36k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Gail Robison to Mary Dale TAFE Legal Div. Exh 98
1995 Dec 07 Premiers Dept to Kerrison
[PDF 245k]
One of the hundreds of letters to Val Kerrison showing the government's constant refusals to act. The apparently corrupt departments' and ministers' (Iemma, Carr, Watson, Barbour, Moss, Wilkins, Gellatly, Harris, Samuels, etc). Malice.
1995 Dec 04 Part of TAFE McGregor Statement
[GIF 36k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. Part of TAFE McGregor Statement in Matter. Ex 89
1995 Nov 24 Kerrison to HealthQuest
[ Page 1: GIF 38k; Page 2 : GIF 48k]
Kerrison requests information; “Request for Information” under the FOI Act
1995 Oct 16 TAFE Walshaw to K - follow up
[GIF 32k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE to K responding to her requests for information. Ex 79
1995 Oct 05 TAFE Walshaw to K re FOI
[GIF 35k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Walshaw to K re “…your request for information…in TAFE files” Ex 19 (J)
1995 Sep 05 TAFE Scuglia Release Pay Form B22166
[GIF 27k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Scuglia Release Pay Form B22166. Amends SP B22112” Ex 31
1995 Aug 03 TAFE Walshaw to HealthQuest Dr Gapper
[GIF 47k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. Part of TAFE Walshaw to HealthQuest Dr Gapper “copy and fax” Ex 20”G”
1995 Jun 26 TAFE to State Super
[GIF 58k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE to State Super. TAFE’s first attempt to apply a “Medically Retired” status. Ex 13
1995 Jun 23 TAFE Walshaw to Val Kerrison
[GIF 30k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Walshaw to Kerrison. “…your notification of retirement…” Ex 19”E”
1995 Jun 16 HealthQuest "Retirement Certificate" Used By Salpeter and others against Val. It Was written while Val was working - and there had never been a complaint against her. See also WBDE references including "certificate" "fraud". Crimes Act. misleading the courts. Perverting the course of justice. Cribb, Menzies, Brus, Debus, Iemma, Carr.
1995 Jun 16 HealthQuest Dr Jagger to Kerrison
[GIF 30k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. HealthQuest Dr Jagger to Kerrison. Rec’d by Kerrison after work on 22 Jun 95. Ex 20 “F”
1995 Jun 16 HealthQuest doc ‘RETIREMENT CERTIFICATE’
[GIF 35k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. HealthQuest doc ‘RETIREMENT CERTIFICATE’ written while Kerrison working. "Fake" "fraud" Ex44”A”
1995 Jun 05 Part of Dr James Holmes to HealthQuest
[GIF 19k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. Part of Dr James Holmes to HealthQuest. Dr Jagger. Ex 20 “D”
1995 May 31 HealthQuest record of phone call from TAFE Walshaw
[GIF 29k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. HealthQuest record of phone call from TAFE Walshaw Ex 71
1995 May 30 HealthQuest record of phone call from TAFE Walshaw
[GIF 55k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. HealthQuest record of phone call from TAFE Walshaw Ex 20 (C)
1995 May 26 Press release Macleay Argus
[GIF 76k]
Kerrison working, publishes TAFE Talk Press Release in Macleay Argus re TAFE students, courses, and picture of McGregor, Robison and students Ex 3(9)
1995 May 23 TAFE Walshaw, Eliason, phone call to HealthQuest
[GIF 25k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Walshaw, Eliason, phone call to HealthQuest “medically retire…” Ex 10
1995 May 14

TAFE McGregor directs TAFE teacher
[GIF 28k]

NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE McGregor directs TAFE teacher to “Workers’ Compensation/Rehab” appointment Ex 2”A”
1995 May 01 TAFE to HealthQuest
[GIF 48k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE request HealthQuest “Fitness to Continue” psychiatric assessment Ex 19”C”2
1995 May 01

TAFE Walshaw letter to HealthQuest Dr Gapper
[GIF 41k]

NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Walshaw letter to HealthQuest Dr Gapper Ex 18 (A)
1995 Apr 19 TAFE Quinn to Scuglia
[GIF 39k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Quinn to Scuglia “Medical Assessment” Ex 24 (3)
1995 Apr 11 TAFE Quinn to CRS
[GIF 31k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Quinn to CRS Port Macquarie referral form Ex 85 (Att4 P3)
1995 Jan 17 TAFE's "Smoking Gun" memo (transcript)
[Also: GIF 35k]

TAFE MG Dir Dr Gregor Ramsey to NCI TAFE Dr Gary Willmott re HealthQuesting Val Kerrison.

1995 Jan 17 TAFE's "Smoking Gun" memo - Null and Void
[GIF 37k]
NULL AND VOID by WBDE in Aug 05 due to lack of Procedural Fairness and Natural Justice. TAFE Managing Director Dr Ramsey 'smoking gun' memo urging Dr Gary Willmott ” Ex 9
1994 Aust Federal Senate Committee Report re Psychiatry Excerpt … use of psychiatry by employers and organisations to intimidate and punish whistleblowers … practice of referring whistleblowers, simply because they are whistleblowers, for such assessment is deplored… harassing and discrediting whistleblowers
1994 Nov 27 Letter by Michael Smith
[GIF 24k]
Letter by Aboriginal TAFE Student Michael Smith - "...she told me that I was no longer in the [TAFE] class because of the days I missed..." Ex 3 (15)
1994 Aug 05 Ramsey to Wells
[GIF 36k]
Grievance. Ramsey writes about Kerrison's grievance that “teacher gave herself 100% exam results…” Implications re Kempsey College Registrar and Principal. Ex 6
1994 Mar Kempsey TAFE, Office Admin Aboriginal Students Kerrison’s evidence re Kempsey TAFE Office Admin teacher Hayes and manager McGregor “We [terminate Djigay Aboriginal students] all the time…” for missing some classes. Robison, Hayes, Willmott, Ramsey, Walshaw, Hoskins, Quinn, Gorie, Wykes, Hartigan, Meerman, Lockwood, Carr, Ombudsman, Wynn
1994 Feb-Mar Kempsey TAFE, Djigay Kerrison’s evidence that Kempsey TAFE sent letters to Aboriginal students teminating their education circa 1993-94. McGregor, Robison, Hayes, Willmott, Ramsey, Walshaw, Quinn, Gorie, Wykes, Hartigan, Meerman, Lockwood, Carr, Ombudsman, Wynn
1993 The case of Phillip Arantz Excerpt “The doctor said, ‘I am referring you to Prince Henry Hospital for a psychiatric examination…The Commissioner has directed it’…"
1993 Sep 11 British Medical Jnl Article Dr Jean Lennane “Whistleblowing”: a health issue” …whistleblowers in Australia” suffered adverse consequences. Victimisation, lies, deceit, and corruption in high places . Destruction of family and distress to family and friends. The guilty not being brought to account . . .
1993 Apr 20 Australian Medical Association NSW Guidelines Excerpt, psychiatrists ‘assessing’ whistleblowers “reminiscent of the Soviet use of psychiatry in dealing with political dissidents... "
1992 Oct 21 HealthQuest "Retirement Certificate"
[PDF 167k]
Used by TAFE against Pene Loza while Pene was working. Used as if were a legal certificate. Duped. See also WBDE references including "certificate" "fraud". Crimes Act. False instrument. Eva Mandel and Helia Gapper of HealthQuest. Kerry Walshaw, Kay Eliasson. Margaret Cox. Debus, Iemma, Carr.
1992 Oct 16 HealthQuest Letter to Pene Loza
[PDF 91k]
Pene Loza "never [gave] consent of any kind to the medical procedures/processes..." Kay Eliasson. Kerry Walshaw. Dr Gapper Dr Jagger. Carr. Iemma. Debus. [Link to Affidavit - PDF 1800k] [ Link to 'Retirement Certificate' - PDF 167k]
1992 Sep 18 State Super to TAFE re Loza
[PDF 173k]
TAFE privately approached State Super re entitlements for Pene Loza to be "medically retired". Pene was working. HealthQuest issued their "Retirement Certificate" against Pene on 21 October 1992. See also WBDE references including "certificate" "fraud". Crimes Act. False instrument. Eva Mandel and Helia Gapper of HealthQuest. Kerry Walshaw, Kay Eliasson. Margaret Cox. Debus, Iemma, Carr.
1992 Sep 4 Pene Loza's Duties
[PDF 397k]
Department of School Education seconded Pene Loza. List of Pene's duties
1992 Jul Excerpts from HealthQuest's Guidelines Instructs itself on Discrimination, Privacy, and need for substantiation. Emphasises it may recommend; i.e. is not empowered to force or certify employment/retirement/sacking.
1987 Bliss case "There is no general power in an employer to require employees to undergo psychiatric examination”. Destroys confidence and trust between employer and employee.
1984 Jun 29 Pene Loza Appointment
[PDF 111k]
TAFE Director General appointed Pene Loza as Tranistion Education Co-ordinator North Coast TAFE
1979 Feb 23 Premier's Memo re Conditions of Crown Representation Depts should have a “thorough departmental investigation” then submit a request to the “Department of the Attorney General and of Justice where the final decision will be made as to whether the case is one in which the Crown should act”.
1977 Psychiatric Abuse Tool of political oppression. Country engaging in the practice of declaring perfectly sane people mad. Psychiatric “farce”.