Val Kerrisons notes of her report to police dept

I took the HealthQuest purported retirement certificate and HealthQuest's letter to me to the police and Inspector Terry Walsh and Constable Tania Flaherty (detective) of Surry Hills Police are looking into it all as being breach of s337 Crimes Act; i.e. false instrument structured and used to prejudicially affect us.

Their address is: Level 3, 151-241 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010. Telephone 9265 4100; or Fax 9265 4198, or email to Ms Flaherty

The following definitions and quotations are self-explanatory. If you believe that your employer used false HealthQuest docs to prejudicially affect you and you lost job and/or income the following are some information:

Definition of "Certificate" Ref: Macquarie Dictionary: Certificate ; n a writing on paper certifying to the truth of something or to status, qualification, privileges etc. 2 a document issued to a person passing a particular examination 3 4 Law a statement written and signed which is by law made evidence of the truth of the facts stated for all or for certain purposes. And "Certify; v to guarantee as certain; a writing on paper certifying to the truth of something or to status, qualification, privilege, position."


Definition of Recommendation: Ref: Butterworths Concise Australian Legal Dictionary Recommendation An individual opinion or collective decision expressed in a formal instrument which has no binding effect. In public international law, the international legal status of a recommendation is advisory, precatory, or directory in nature.


Definition of Harm - Evidence Act 126A (1) In this Division: harm includes actual physical bodily harm, financial loss, stress or shock, damage to reputation or emotional or psychological harm (such as shame, humiliation and fear).

Crimes Act: " False instruments issued by public officers 337. A public officer who, being authorised or required to issue an instrument whereby any person may be prejudicially affected, issues the instrument for an improper purpose knowing it to be false in a material particular is liable to imprisonment for 5 years." and " Accessories after the fact-how tried and punished 347. Every accessory after the fact to any such felony may be indicted, convicted, and sentenced as such accessory, either before, or together with, or after the trial of the principal felon, whether such felon has been previously tried or not, or is amenable to justice or not."


Definition of "instrument"

Butterworths Concise Australian Legal Dictionary definition:

"Instrument Lat - instrumentum - tool; implement. A formal legal document in writing: for example, a deed, will, enactment, agreement, or guarantee. A formal document of any kind, such as an agreement, deed, charter, or record, that is drawn up and executed in technical form: for example Azevedo v Secretary, Dept of Primary Industries and Energy (1992) 35 FRC 284 at 299-300; 106 ALR 683. Mere advice, even in documentary form, that does not confirm, create, or limit a right will not ordinarily be an instrument: Australian Capital Equity Pty Ltd v Beale (1993) 41 FRC 242; 114 ALR 50. Statutory definitions may widen or narrow the general meaning. For example, an instrument includes a statutory rule made under an Act (for example (NSW) Interpretation Act 1987 s3(1), 'every written document' (NSW) Stamp Duties Act 1920 s3(1), and may include credit cards, computer discs and tapes (NSW) Crimes Act 1900 s299(1). See also Agreement; Deed/ Document; Forgery; Human Rights; Instrument.
"Administrative law A document having the capacity to affect legal rights and obligations and that can be altered unilaterally by the authority by which it has been produced: (CTH) Administrative Decision (Judicial Review) Act 1977 s3(1); Chittick v Ackland (1984) 1 FCR 254; 53 ALR 143; 6 ALD 255; Blizzard v O'Sullivan [1994] 1 Qd R 112. An instrument is not limited to a document of a legislative character, but it does not extend to a contract: Chapmans Ltd v Australian Stock Exchange (1994) 33 ALD 463."


"Instrument under hand A document in writing that creates or affects legal or equitable rights or liabilities and that is authenticated by the signature of the maker of the document: Chadwick v Clarke (1845) 1 CB 700; 135 ER 717"

The next court dates for the IR are 10 and 11 September 2001, then 3,4,5, December 2001