NPW "Smoking Gun" memo against John Kite

National Parks and Wildlife “Smoking Gun Memo” against John Kite, transcribed to best of our ability. Our copy is undated but parts were published by NineMSN circa 15 June 2001. [Scan of original - GIF 49k]

From: Penny Spoelder
To: Cathy Hallams
Subject: John Kite

I can make 50K available by adjustments to the 0435 account without affecting [unclear, possibly "Dale’s"?] payout and raising the auditors concern.

If Kite does not accept this offer, the PSA will wipe him. Carlins said this is his last chance.

I have spoken with Vivian she’s still concerned that unless Carlin can get Kite to accept the revised offer and tie him up with a secrecy agreement, his corruption allegations and coronial evidence could blow the Service out of the water.

There is also the Protected disclosure to worry about. I know that Alistair is looking at rejecting it outright. We haven’t followed the proper procedure in this and have to be careful how its dealt with.

If he goes to ICAC we get our contact to deal with it.

Vivian needs to reconsider the permanency offer in return for him changing his coronial evidence. He has already told me that he wont change his evidence in exchange for a permanent position. She knows that its already cost me a restructure to terminate his position.

Can you discuss this matter with her ASAP as considerable time and effort has gone into the restructure and I don’t want him re employed.

Obviously the issue is of serious concern and there has got to be some other way to sort out the coronial issue.

I feel that he will reject any redundancy offer and reapply for his position. If that is the case then we will have to consider option “B”.

In order for me to take this further I have already spoken to Vicky, she assures me that the PD can be written to exclude him without affecting Nathan’s application. She has the Equity Manager on standby to fail him on the DPO requirements.

As a safeguard I am in the process of preparing the report to Alistair over the Currango issue. I will have an adverse statement on his personal file by the time the job applications close.

If he applies, we will have the grounds to cull him and he wont know anything about it until its to late.

If the second option is adopted it should leave him without a job, the PSA wont help him, he will be regarded as a disgruntled employee. He wont have the resources to fight a legal battle against the public purse and the information on his personal file will prevent him from gaining employment. This should dry up his resources causing him to abandon any legal action. What do you think

Ring me at home when you receive this.