Appeal by TAFE against Judgements in favour of Kerrison

31 March 2003 and December 2003

Industrial Relations Commission In Court Session

IRC Full Bench

Walton. Vice President
Staunton J.
Staff J.

15 members of the public to observe administration of justice in IRC

From notes taken that day:

“Disallow Mrs Kerrison’s contentions that TAFE failed to provide procedural fairness and natural justice.”

Short adjournement

Mrs Kerrison’s legal representatives “this would make it easier to appeal…”

Bench returns

“Putting aside procedural fairness”

How long for Crown Solicitors / TAFE to respond?
A month. 28 days

Then, raising no new … Kerrison has 7 days to respond if required.


Later comments by the members of the public, many of whom had traveled long distances in order to view the court procedures.

“They can’t do that, can they?"

“Well who’s to stop them? ”

“They don’t own procedural fairness, so how can they disallow it?” “Call that justice!” “what a farce”

“This has just cost another hundred thousand dollars and wiped out the Constitution. ”