IndyMedia Article: Marianne Saliba Passes the Buck on HealthQuest Abuses

By Laurel O'Brien, 5 Dec 2005

Last week one of the victims of HealthQuest sent a fifteen page fax to M/s Marianne Saliba requesting her assistance in having a proper inquiry set up into HealthQuest doctor's human rights abuses.

Peter Dodwell - HealthQuest's new front manThe fax included an excellent letter written by Mr G. Crewdson, whistleblowing DOCS officer now of no fixed address, as well as information on what HealthQuest is doing to public servants. The writer included her name but received a reply from M/s Saliba's office directed to 'Dear Writer' and requesting that the authors of the fax contact their own Members of Parliament. Since Mr Crewdson has been rendered homeless due to DOCS-HealthQuest actions, just who is 'his member of Parliament'? Is there a Member of Parliament for the Homeless? No matter which politicians are approached regarding the actions of the Government Medical Office, NOTHING IS EVER ACHIEVED. M/s Saliba, you are hereby added to our list of disgraceful representatives.


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Selected comments


Open letter to Mr Howard, Mr Iemma and other ministers etcresponsible for addressing government corruption -- but who seemingly do not.

One can't help but dream - a favourite dream is that lazy incompetent corrupt kowtowing representatives were chucked out - and those that turn a blind eye to criminality in government actions be incarcerated endefinitely.

We will never know the depths of the criminality within HealthQuest. Whether they choose to hire incompetents, or choose to hire corrupt staff is one of the factors in measuring this.

One wonders if Dr Peter Dodwell would have been appointed if he said something like this:
" I have researched the files and internet regarding the past practices of HealthQuest. I deplore the crime of writing and selling fraudulent retirement certificates. I deplore the human rights abuses of psychiatricly labelling whistleblowers. Now I am going to fix it up and redress all past Healthquest corrupt acts and violations of human rights. ... Please contact me all of those who the past HealthQuest have damaged."

Sadly, it may be that if something like this was said, Peter Dodwell would not have been employed. After all, the corrupt officials are using public money to keep this atrocity of 'HealthQuesting' whistleblowers going - if the money was coming out of their own pockets it may be that it would never have been started.

What do you think?

Jo Hewitt
WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed

Jo Hewitt, 5 Dec 2005