IndyMedia Article: WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed seek information

We have copies of the National Parks & Wildlife Services 'smoking gun' memo used to persecute John Kite. We can't read some of it and ask for your help.

By Jo Hewitt, 24 Dec 2005

This is about National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) 'Smoking Gun' memo written and used by NPWS and ICAC (NSW Independant Commission Against Corruption)against John Kite (Thredbo whistleblower)

Can anyone please decipher the unclear text from the NPWS memo?

The original is on WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed site

and the transcription, as best we read it is at:

John Kite warned of the possibility of a disaster at Thredbo.
Eighteen people died when two ski lodges collapsed in July 1997

In the style of a backwood corrupt country, Australian public funds were put to burying the problem (Kite) and his evidence to the coronial inquiry.

John lost his job. Then he found the 'smoking gun' memo on his file.

But NPWS accused John of writing it himself.

The memo was damning and among other things, said that ICAC would 'deal' with Kite (see the memo),

So John Kite was subjected to an ICAC 'investigation'. Members of the public who went to witness ICAC 'justice in action' were outspoken in their damnation of what they saw. One person said 'They reckon John wrote the memo. Only an idiot would believe that someone would fabricate a memo naming half a dozen co-conspirators. That would make half a dozen witnesses to deny it.' Also, 'whenever there was something being said against NPWS they shut us out, but when it was against Kite the doors were open.'

19 December 2001 ICAC published the following:

Mr Kite was then charged with giving false evidence, attempt to pervert the course of justice, perjury.

Now, 4 years later, the public has been allowed to administer a small bit of justice to this hero. The public, in the form of a jury, cleared Mr Kite of all charges.

This was reported:

Not surprisingly, in the existing climate of seemingly snowballing, rampant corruption, WBDE has not heard of charges being laid against corrupt/criminal people who were party to persecuting Mr Kite. Such people have been protected for all of these years while Me Kite has been persecuted in the same manner as other whistleblowers in NSW have.

Read their stories on Whistleblowers Documents Exposed

If you can supply any of the missing text and date of the National Parks and Wildlife Services memo would you please email me

Jo Hewitt

My personal opinion is that the politicians should be held accountable. They take and keep public money to administer the offices of prime minister, premier, attorney-general, opposition, etc etc.

WBDE have written repeatedly to the politicians including:


Let's clean up Australia and call for their summary sackings.
Their replacements would know that they would get the sack also unless they behaved differently.

Jo Hewitt

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Selected comments

Disgraceful and corrupt

There are so many disgraceful, corrupt things happening....whistleblowers certified insane by Soviet style unqualified 'psychiatrists' in Sydney...DOCS officers reporting abuse of disabled people and getting the sack...and so this is Christmas.

Louise, 24 Dec 2005