IndyMedia Article : Australia Unemployment Figures Fudged -- Psychiatry Flourishes Under John Howard

Government fudges Australia's unemployment figures. Applying psychiatric labels to its unwanted unemployed and whistleblowers. Issuing fake retirement certificates against whistleblowers. Now psychiatric labelling the schoolchildren.

By Fred Logan, 13 Nov 2005

It is timely that people took up the issue of dodgy unemployment statistics. Your readers may be interested in our Prime Minister's truth back in 1993. On 5 March 2003 Neil Baird's "News Report, Issue 670" published:

"Unemployed figures fudged

"The official Australian unemployment rate is said to be somewhere approaching 630,000 people (just over 6.2 per cent). However, according to ABS statistics, there are 2,000,000 Australians searching for work.

"Marcus L'Estrange, writing to News Weekly said that he recalled a conversation with the current Prime Minister, John Howard, when he was the Shadow Industrial Relations Minister back in 1993; "I know the real unemployment figure is 20 per cent but I cannot afford to be honest. If I was honest people would become depressed and spend less, thus creating even more unemployment." Mr L'Estrange said that fudged figures are no basis for sound employment, education, migration and economic policy. (News Weekly, Nov 17, 2001, p. 22)."

Fudging unemployment statistics is not a recent situation; Australia has been attempting to negate the alarming unemployment situation for many years. Some older readers will recall that this was the reason that an extra year of schooling was added -- to temporarily hold back the flow of young adults finishing school and seeking work. Previously the high school Intermediate and Leaving Certificate were 3 and 2 years respectively. This was changed to the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate of 4 and 3 years respectively. While this held back the wave of new workers for one year, it did nothing to solve the problem of too few jobs for too many people.

However our government has used a tool which is far more damaging than prevarication to cover up the number of unemployed people, and perhaps bury them. That is to label them sick and ill thus putting them on, not unemployment benefits, but sickness benefits and disability pensions.


This practice started off slowly. Originally people, especially workers in the public service, were encouraged, particularly by their unions, to absent themselves from work when stressed. If the unions had been doing their job they would have ensured that the workplaces (particularly government Departments) were not allowed to simply stress out and damage/frighten staff. But they did not. They betrayed their members and encouraged 'stress leave'. Once out of their workplace they were isolated, and the hole left was quickly filled with other staff. This improved the unemployment statistics by 1 as the person was not unemployed, but sick.

If the stressed, frightened, bewildered individuals could fight their way back to their apparently unsafe workplace, well and good...if not they were then directed down the path of psychiatrists usually leading to a 'medical retirement'. While some, suffering the normal angst of isolation and the knowledge that they were targeted in a unsafe workplace, did, indeed seek a medical discharge, many did not. However the corrupt unions/workplace managers frequently betrayed the stressed workers which they did not want but could not sack -- particularly whistleblowers.

After a while on stress leave the isolated public servants were sent to psychiatrists paid for by the employer -- at the state level in NSW it was HealthQuest (NSW Government Medical Office), and at the federal level it was Comcare. Instead of insisting that the workplace individuals/management were forced to maintain a safe workplace and rehabilitate their injured employees HealthQuest adopted the practice pleasing its paying customers (Departmental managers and human resource personnel) by writing documents entitled "RETIREMENT CERTIFICATE" (cost around $800-$1000 each) and sending them, on a fee-for-service basis, to the employer to be used as its managers and human resource staff wished.

Once the department managers held the "RETIREMENT CERTIFICATE" it was then a simple matter to instruct staff to change the employee's status on the computer to "medically retired" and stop salary payments.

There is no record of how many people who were duped into believing that they were legally certified retired, confirmed by the sudden cessation of their salary, did not know what else to do, accepted it. It wasn't until recent years that one such union confirmed that "there is no such thing as a forced retirement", unless the employee had signed a workplace contract to that effect.

The "fake" retirement certificates are very convincing, however a fake certificate is as fraudulent as a $3 note, and a crime under the Crimes Act.

This scenario is predominantly initiated and enacted by multiple government departments, our government, both at state level (Premier Hon Morris Iemma and previously Mr Carr) and federal (Prime Minister Hon John Howard) repeatedly refuse to serve the public interest and address it.

Complaints by such targeted employees (whistleblowers) were covered up/unaddressed by Ms Irene Moss while she was NSW Ombudsman, and more recent complaints and evidence are also buried in our leaders' offices (state and federal) and in Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) which was/is also overseen by ICAC Commissioner Ms Moss and Premier Hon Mr Iemma and Mr Bob Carr).

More information on this and documents underpinning the government departments actions for more than a decade against TAFE teacher Val Kerrison. Val tried to protect vulnerable TAFE students against victimisation and discrimination against vulnerable TAFE students particularly women and Aboriginals on the web site WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed


With the manipulated unemployment figures bandied around, this has been used within Centrelink to act as if it is the unemployed at fault if they cannot find enough paid work to fund their preferred lifestyle. As an under-employed individual becomes anxious and stressed they are encouraged/directed to attend Centrelink's bank of psychologists. The effect of this can helpful to unemployment statistics if it convinces the hapless individuals that they are not 'ok', feelings of no self-worth leading to depression and decline to the extent of either suicide or being placed on health benefits.

It should be noted that this ensures that 2 people are not part of unemployment statistics; 1. the psychologist has a job 'assessing' the flow of unemployed; and 2. the targeted unemployed individual is hidden in sickness welfare, not unemployment welfare.

The long term effects of this process is far reaching. Outside Australia it is written that a psychiatric label is more damaging to a person than a criminal record. Information on previous psychiatric. Lawrence Stevens J.D. in "Psychiatric Stigma Follows You Everywhere You Go For the Rest of Your Life" warned "If you seek [or receive for any reason] counselling or "therapy" from a psychiatrist or psychologist, how are you going to answer questions on job applications, applications for occupational or professional licenses, a driver's license, applications for health or life insurance, and school and college applications, such as "Have you ever had psychiatric or psychological therapy?" WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed

Spin-Off - Psychiatric Labelling of Schoolchildren

In recent years the trade in psychiatric labels applied to Australian people has grown to the extent that these labels are now applied to schoolchildren and form part of their school records!
It is only a matter of time before the children and parents realise that these labels will severely limit the careers of these children, and when that happens it is anticipated that the ones who have done this and are still around will be sued to oblivion for such crimes against humanity and human rights.

Already the public service require that job applicants 'reveal' psychiatric labelling against them as part of pre-employment.

It is not a big step for parents to be convinced that their children's normal boisterousness is "illness" with ADD, ADHD, and seek a carer's pension to stay at home and look after them.

It is doubtful if Mr John Howard would be Prime Minister if psychiatric labelling had been applied to him.


Unemployment statistics are assisted by convincing people they are sick, and too ill to work enabling these statistics to form part of health welfare rather than unemployment welfare. Our government has used psychiatric labelling to convince our adults and children that they are sick as just one of its tools to under-record true unemployment statistics. WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed

F Logan
Australia 2005

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Selected comments

Criminal Government-employed Doctors

You're absolutely right, Logan! In 1997 I reported an abusive teacher in Lithgow who had assaulted my daughter aged 10, and other children. She was a very dangerous woman but she had many friends in the town and in no time I was the one sent to HealthQuest where I was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's (senility!). I had friends in the media and after a huge furore and a lot of help from my friends my department had to allow me to return to work - but I was transferred to another region. Then, due to an accident, I had to retire in 2003. In 2004 I applied to do casual relief teaching 3 days a week. I was sent to HQ where I was told I was much too sick to work - ever again - and that the old Alzheimer's from 1997 had come back!

I am fighting these disgusting HealthQuest lies through the HREOC and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP UNTIL THEY AGREE TO EMPLOY ME even though I do not need their stupid job, I am working as a teacher in the private school system, but THEY WILL NOT BEAT ME. I will fight 'til my last breath against this injustice and these filthy lies and these criminal doctors at HealthQuest who are now targetting me as a political activist who has tried to have those mongrels shut down for years.

Louise, 13 Nov 2005

Education Victimising and HealthQuesting Its Best Staff

While flatting with some teachers in NSW Australia, one of them ran foul of the education system. Never have I seen a department heap such concentrated venom on anyone. Typical bully losers fashion, they ganged up and There was no legislation they feared, they put together a lynch-mob (or it was already in place?) and started writing their poison against her. She stood no chance, she did not even know what they were writing until it had been spread around against her. It was circulated in the department. Then they sent a pile of it to Healthquest so their paid psychiatrists would certify her!! Just like Soviet Russia years ago. She found out long after she was summarily removed from work -- removed because of what the low-lifes wrote.

Yes, she and everyone else told the minister Aquilina and Carr. All of those complaints should still be in the offices of the premier (Iemma) and minister of education and training (Tebutt). Who knows how much money they poured into their unequal fight. Beats me why they bothered, with no justice being served, why not just bash her? Then they could all watch the blood splattering!! Seems this is all they are good for.

Ed McDonald, 24 Nov 2005