IndyMedia Article: Kiwi Doctor Appointed to HealthQuest

As dissidents and protesters against HealthQuest, the N.S.W. Government medical office, have escalated their actions, the lineup of willing 'doctors' keeps changing.

By Laurel O'Brien, 21 Nov 2005

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Recently a new Government Medical Officer has been appointed, Dr Peter Dodwell of New Zealand. Dr Dodwell is a former aviation medicine specialist with excellent credentials and hails from a country known to be one of the least corrupt in the world. Whistleblowers within the public service hold high hopes that at last things may change for the better at HealthQuest.

Already Dr Dodwell has demanded two less medical examinations related to the employment of well known activist 'Ms L.R.', who wants to be re-employed as a teacher. HealthQuest has accused 'Ms L.R.' of 'cognitive dysfunction' (dementia) for the past 12 months. Dr Dodwell has come up with a better 'diagnosis', a rare form of complex partial seizure which may cause 'erratic and dangerous' behaviour. Given that the only 'dangerous' behaviour 'Ms L.R.' has engaged in has been in confronting HealthQuest's unethical behaviour, and given that no-one in her circle of friends or family has observed her suffering one of these fits, and given that she holds an international motor racing licence and rides a motorcycle, it seems strange that this is the new 'diagnosis'. Nevertheless, hopes are held that Dr Dodwell is a person with ethics, unlike some employed before him.

The lineup at HealthQuest is now as follows:

Dr Peter Dodwell - Chief Medical Officer
Dr Maron - Deputy M.O.

The Board comprises:

Dr Ian Gardner
Mr Wayne Cahill - Solicitor
Mr Terrence Hannan - Representative of the Labour Council of N.S.W. - one wonders what on earth he is doing having anything to do with this particular organization.
Mr Richard Persson - Acting Chairman
Ms Rosemary Milkins - Health N.S.W. Senior Executive
Alison Viney - C.E.O., Solicitor


and also THE ANTICORRUPTION NETWORK - exposing HealthQuest activities:

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Selected comments

Knowledge of Mrs L R

I know this person and I find her to be very intelligent and with excellent cognitive abilities! This diagnosis by Dr. Dodwell is totally unfounded and apparently with great prejudice. I suggest she be examined by someone with greater credentials than Dr. Dodwell. I, too, was an Aviation examiner and I find him totally out of context! I will be glad to discuss it with anyone of value. I don't like to see someone libeled as she appears. Dr. Dodwell is out of his field!!!

Conrad Freeman, MD, Atlanta, GA, 21 Nov 2005