Letter from WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel to Armand Casolin (HealthQuest)


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25 Oct 2005


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Re: HealthQuest assessment [Name withheld at this time]


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WhistleBlowers Documents Exposed (WBDE) is a self-funded people's initiative arising from our dissatisfaction with the performance of some existing funded organizations and personnel, who are considered to have failed to perform their duties effectively within the law, and in the public interest.  More information is available on our WhistleBlowers’ Documents Exposed site:

We have been asked to assist [Teacher’s name withheld at this time] claim her right to return to teaching with the Department of Education and Training.

We ask if, and if so, on what grounds HealthQuest seek from DET public funds to finance HealthQuest buying purported evaluations of personal aspects of [Teacher’s name withheld at this time] by an unspecified number of specialists in fields including neuropsychology, psychiatry and neurology?

It is noted HealthQuest’s apparent absence of documentation of a valid ‘concern’ about [Teacher’s name withheld at this time]. This is consistent with there being no concern attested by documentation informing that [Teacher’s name withheld at this time] has been capably performing these same teaching duties for five months in the private school system. This being so, it raises the issue of HealthQuest’s agenda. It appears that HealthQuest is self-funded by actions such as assessments and referrals, and depend on its clients, such as DET for funds.

If Ms Viney and Dr Casolin of HealthQuest do indeed seek ‘assessments’ of [Teacher’s name withheld at this time], these may even be considered by Ms Catherine Melville, Manager Human Resources Project DET, however fundamental breaches of [her] human rights may constitute extreme unethical behaviour by these personnel. It is observed that both organizations have access to legal advice to enable them to avoid breaching legislation and guidelines, to avoid breaching individual’s human rights, and the ethics or otherwise of proposed actions.

Both HealthQuest and DET properly trained personnel should already be aware that, without [her] fully informed free consent to all of these ‘inquiries’ each action can constitute not only trespass of [Teacher’s name withheld at this time] but also assault on her.

Our site at contains excerpts from HealthQuest’s own guidelines for pre-employment testing. From this publication it appears that HealthQuest could simply ask [Teacher’s name withheld at this time] to complete its generic health questionnaire similar to HealthQuest’s treatment of other applicants seeking teaching employment. If HealthQuest have formulated new guidelines we ask that, in the public interest, a copy be mailed to us marked for the attention of WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel at the above address.

As HealthQuest’s actions are currently causing [Teacher’s name withheld at this time] to be disadvantaged compared to others seeking teaching employment with DET, we look forward to your reply and all possible remedial actions as soon as possible.

Please reply within 14 days of the date above to:

WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel, PO Box 140, NEWTOWN, NSW, 2204

Yours faithfully


WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel