ICAC, Moss and Carr's Macquarie Bank job

Simon Benson’s report, Carr joins Sydney’s Millionaires’ Club, Daily in the Daily Telegraph 11 October, 2005 reveals some interesting information about the special relationship between former ICAC chief Irene Moss and the former NSW Premier, Bob Carr and his new job at Macquarie Bank. It reports that:

“ICAC, in a 2004 into former minister Richard Face, recommended the Sate Government introduce restrictions on the type of jobs ministers can take after they leave ”

and that
“ Macquarie chief Allan Moss and his wife Irene – former ICAC commissioner – are good friends of Mr Carr and his wife Helena.”

This raises some questions about the independence of ICAC and whether there was conflict in interest when Bob Carr appointed Irene Moss to head ICAC in 1989, as well as the links between the State Government, NSW Labor Party and ICAC, and the failure of the Sate Government to impose a code of conduct on retiring ministers.

Under the helm Irene Moss, it was widely regarded that ICAC has failed to make any inroads into entrenched corruption and systemic corruption in government. It was also reported that three Labor Party members were serving officers in ICAC.

By [name withheld at this time]