Justice Action (cc to HealthQuest by fax)

Dear Dr Dodwell,

I have known [teacher's name withheld from the web for privacy] for a number of years during which time she has been one of our volunteer case workers. We have the utmost respect for her dedication and professionalism.

I am very concerned to hear of what happened with HealthQuest in 1997 and again over the past two years since she applied for casual work.

At Justice Action we are very concerned about human and civil rights. We are aware that while [the teacher] is perfectly well and working part time as a teacher at the present time, and while the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service has declared her fit for work including full time work, HealthQuest is stating that she is not fit and have been doing so for the past two years.

I am aware that untrue and untested things that were said about her in 1997 are again being used.

[The teacher] has also told me that a specialist you selected declared her fit for work. You then sent her back to the same specialist after providing him with other material including the material used against her in 1997.

[The teacher's] own doctor, her family and her friends have all said that she is well. We have seen nothing wrong with her behaviour. Yet you are making allegations based on things that led to [the teacher] making a number of protected disclosures in 1997.

I am particularly concerned about false allegations of mental illness that are often made about people who have spoken up about corrupt practices.

[The teacher] is entitled to natural justice and it seems to me this is being denied. She is entitled to be assessed on factual material and the support of her community taken into account.

It is our hope that you will be meticulously balanced in your assessment of [the teacher] to do part time work.

Yours faithfully,

Brett Collins
Justice Action
22 Prince St, Rozelle, NSW 2039, Australia
P.O. Box 386, Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia
voice: 612-9660 9111 fax: 612-9660 9100

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