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On May 8th, 2006


By Anonymous (not verified) says:

Several months ago I  made a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman's office concerning misinformation given to me by the NSW Police Ministers office over a period of 6 months. The NSW Ombudsman declined to investigate my complaint on the grounds that certain information had been given to me on the 16th of September 2005 by Mr. Peter Bowers of the Ministers office during a telephone conversation. The Ombudsman relied on this information from the police ministers office in declining to investigate.

The problem is however, I have never spoken to this person. In fact, I was overseas at the time and not contactable. My passport proves this.

Armed with this information I informed the Ombudsman's office the false information. Whats happens next defies belief.

The Ombudsman wrote back to the Police Ministers office asking for comment and informed them that if they did not reply within 14 days, the file would be closed. Guess what, they didn’t reply and the file was closed.

Mr Rowe of the Ombudsman's office described the false information supplied to her office as an 'apparent administrative error'.

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