Ken Boston, former N.S.W. chief of education and champion of HealthQuest, now working in the U.K.

Submitted to Indymedia by Anonymous on Wed, 2006/10/11 - 10:28am.

Ken Boston, former N.S.W. Department of Education head, is now working his 'magic' in the U.K. Seems that under Ken Boston many perfectly well teachers were sent to HealthQuest and 'certified' .

While flatting with some teachers in NSW Australia, one of them ran foul of the education system. Never have I seen a department heap such concentrated venom on anyone. Typical bully losers fashion, they ganged up and there was no legislation they feared, they put together a lynch-mob (or it was already in place?) and started writing their poison against her. She stood no chance, she did not even know what they were writing until it had been spread around against her. It was circulated in the department. Then they sent a pile of it to Healthquest so their paid psychiatrists would certify her!! Just like Soviet Russia years ago. She found out long after she was summarily removed from work -- removed because of what the low-lifes wrote. Yes, she and everyone else told the minister Aquilina and Carr. All of those complaints should still be in the offices of the premier (Iemma) and minister of education and training (Tebutt). Who knows how much money they poured into their unequal fight.

Beats me why they bothered, with no justice being served, why not just bash her?

Then they could all watch the blood splattering!!

Seems this is all they are good for.

Why dont you clean up your cess pool of government and departments? And by the way, no thanks for exporting your old education minister Boston.

What is it with him and pedophiles? Someone please tell me.