Excerpts - Don Kerrison’s note to Andrew Stoner, 28 Feb 2006

Royal Prince Alfred hospital cancer specialist treating her is concerned about some of the side- effects of the treatment. As well as usual problems associated with the treatment she has been [temporarily withheld].

Therefore she has commenced a treatment monitoring schedule involving several changes in 3- and 6- week blocks…. During this time we hope to establish the least debilitating treatment. Her GP is also monitoring the side effects.

Naturally a court case would interfere and possibly distort measurements re health side effects of the medical schedule already commenced.

The IRC say “If there is anything Ms Kerrison would wish to convey to us prior to the scheduled hearing date as to the question of costs, we would be pleased to receive any written submission on her behalf, no matter how brief.”

However, as the IRC and crown solicitors know the Crown solicitors have expressed the aim to “Claw back the money TAFE paid ( to her) in recent years 2003-2004” as well as the likelihood that they will ask her to pay their costs for the past 6 years, 30-odd court days and an unknown number of days claimed for preparation.

The IRC judges are also aware of the public interest in this case. Not only have the public come to court, but the organization WhistleBlowers’ Documents Exposed group have are working on it. Their Human Rights and Ethics Panel have now in January made an application for justice on Val’s behalf. IRC have failed to acknowledge or answer this public outcry at the perceived unjust actions by IRC etc. The application for ex debito justitiae means it is an application for her right to justice owed. It is already published at various web sites including their own: . (Please read it and ask questions if necessary).

IRC know there is no lawyer to act for her – and know she does not have resources.

IRC also know that others have since lodged claims against HealthQuest’s fraudulent retirement certificate in the court. Probably there is some urgency to get rid of them all in a way to dis-encourage all of the other thousands of people who were given fake retirement certificates and duped out of their job, income, reputation.

IRC are already aware of their failure and in another case about a week ago one of the judges in her case was asking questions about her case – questions that he should have asked her but did not; and now is still avoiding asking her.

This case is well and truly in the public forum. It is not going to go away.

It is in the public interest to repair the damage to the perception that the justice process has been brought into disrepute.