IndyMedia Article: HealthQuest Victims Demand Justice Ex Debito Justitiae

Click for larger imageWhistleblowers and other victims of the System in N.S.W. are seeking justice ex debito justitiae, which in a nutshell means no amount of corrupt court cases in the IRC and other courts can negate the fact that these people are entitled to compensation, just as the victims of asbestos are entitled to compensation, and the families of those who have killed themselves due to a false HealthQuest 'diagnosis' should also be compensated. The large group of people who were HealthQuested between 1980 (when it was still called the government medical office) and 2005 were quite often doing a public service in exposing government corruption or mismanagement and were acting under the supposed 'protection' of a 'protected disclosure.'

By Laurel O'Brien, 28 Jan 2006

At the start of Law Week, we would like to remind all judges that under the principle of 'ex debito justitiae' it is possible for the courts to fix their own mistakes, without the victim of the injustice having to appeal. Whistleblowers Documents Exposed, a group of people determined to see that justice is done regarding cases involving HealthQuest, is responding to the growing impression that the N.S.W. Justice System has been brought into disrepute.
WBDE made an application for ex debito justitiae for Val Kerrison and sent it to
Justice Lance Wright - President Industrial Relations Commission,
Justice Michael Walton - Vice-President of NSW Industrial Relations Commission,
Justice Staunton,
Justice Staff,
IV Knight - Crown Solicitorsâ?? Office,
and others

WBDE uses our public right to question the judiciary of the Industrial Relations Commission. saying that we could not see any justice in Justices Walton, Staunton and Staff decision December 2005 overturning Val Kerrison's win against TAFE.

The Hon J J Spigelman AC, Chief Justice of New South Wales, in his address Our Common Law Heritage to the 2004 Joint Study Institute of Law Librarians on 21 February 2004 stated

One of the fundamental principles of the administration of justice in a common law system is the principle of open justice. This is sometimes referred to in terms of the saying: Justice should not only be done but should manifestly be seen to be done.

During the time that the IRC conducted the Kerrison case and others including Crewdson we protest that we have not seen justice being administered in these cases.

Procedural fairness and natural justice have not been granted to Mrs Kerrison, therefore the findings of the court are null and void.

The actual corrupt and dishonest documents in this case can be read at this website, Whistleblowers Documents Exposed:

You can also see a copy of the fake and fraudulent retirement certificate issued by HealthQuest at the request of TAFE in order to silence Mrs Kerrison. This document has been found to be null and void by a committee of honest citizens of the state.

The WBDE Committee demand justice ex debito justitiae for all those who have had their lives and livelihoods destroyed by N.S.W. government departments such as TAFE, the Department of Education and Training, D.O.C.S., the Gaming and Racing Board, etc.

There is no denying that justice has not been done: the documents tell the story and the truth cannot be denied.

There has been a criminal conspiracy against Mrs Kerrison, as well as Mr Crewdson, M/s L.R. and many others which must be corrected. These criminal conspiracies have involved employees of government departments and of HealthQuest.

As Martin Luther King said,

'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.'

I rest my case.

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