IndyMedia Article: Stambouliah, former HealthQuest psychologist, still practising

Hadi Stambouliah, psychologist, formerly of the notorious organization HealthQuest, continues to practice following numerous complaints against him to the Health Care Complaints Commission and the Psychologists Registration Board.

By Franco Barbaro, 20 Jan 2006

Stambouliah has a practice at Belmore, N.S.W. His blurb states: " Clinical Psychology Clinic for assessment and treatment of child and adult psychological problems. Treatments of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorders. Assessment of learning potential, educational problems, attention deficit, and cognitive functioning. Vocational and Career Guidance counselling. Psycho-legal reports prepared for litigation matters. "

In 1999 he was finally brought before the Psychologists Registration Board. The complaint was that Stambouliah had assisted Doctors Gapper and Jagger (also still practising) in writing a false report that a teacher who had complained of the assault of children by another teacher had 'cognitive dysfunction' which is also called dementia. Stambouliah, just like all other HealthQuest doctors, acting for and on behalf of the N.S.W. government and their departments, was completely exonerated and allowed to continue with his career. Read the documents that tell the true story at Whistleblowers Documents Exposed:

The teacher who reported the abuse of children was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing and of having dementia. The problem with the Health Care Complaints Commission and the Psychologists Registration Board is they deal with complaints individually. They will not look at the complaints that came before and the complaints that came after. They isolate each complaint in an apparent attempt to protect doctors' and psychologists' right to be registered.

PICTURE: A smiling Hadi Stambouliah following his exoneration after a court hearing by the registration board.

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