Press release: "Judges on Parade" protest rally


23rd January, 2006


The Place: Queen’s Square, Sydney, at the northern end of Hyde Park and outside the Law Courts Building.

The Date and Time: Monday, 30th January, 2006, at 8:30am.

The Occasion: In excess of 100 Judges from the Supreme and other Courts will hold their annual parade in wigs and gowns to attend church services in St. Mary’s Cathedral at 9:00am and then in St. James’s Church at 10:15am for the “Commencement of the Law Term”.

The Reason for the Protest Rally: Australian Judges have undermined and eliminated the Laws and Liberties of the Australian People by denying them their constitutional, inalienable and inherited Right to Trial by Jury. This is an act which is unconscionable and sinister, in the extreme. Australian Judges have assumed absolute power whereby they can conceal their own incompetence, corruption and treachery…in spite of the fact that it is the Rule of Law that Judges have no jurisdiction or power to hear, determine or pass judgment in any court action unless both parties have given their clear and unequivocal consent to be without a Jury…Yet, they do and they regard themselves as “immune from prosecution”, ie: above the Law, when they are not. They make these false and arbitrary judgments in all our Courts, whether in the Supreme, District, Local, Federal, High and Family Courts, with total disregard for the Rights of the People.

The public Parade of Judges is the perfect opportunity for victims of injustice, together with their friends and supporters, to peacefully show that they are “not going to put up with it, any more”. The Police and Media are normally in attendance.

Written by John Wilson

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