Excerpt: Fax from Val Kerrison to IRC, 8 March 2006

To: The Industrial Registrar, Industrial Relations Commission

From: Val Kerrison

Re: Val Kerrison, Matter 7143/2003

Dear Registrar,

I refer to the doctor’s letter already provided to you. Also the Fax from Don Kerrison, Feb 2006.

Your letter 27 February has been received. I ask that the hearing scheduled for 24 March 2006 be put off in accordance with the doctor ’s request.

Although it is embarrassing to have to divulge my private health [cancer] problems, they are set out here for your consideration… [temporarily withheld at this time]

Therefore we need to know as soon as possible whether I have to prepare to proceed on 24 March because, if IRC require me to do so I would have to abandon the schedule which RPA has already commenced, and restart it again later. IRC would have noted from Dr Foley’s letter that it is against medical advice for both the RPA and court actions to be administered to me at this time.

As we are already some weeks into the treatment I ask that this not happen. I understand from my treatment that disrupting this schedule could cause further cancer to develop.

I ask that the IRC cancel the hearing 24 March, and re-schedule it for a time convenient in a few month’s time, in accordance with the medical advice held by IRC [since 20 Feb 2006]. If I appear in court now I risk the further embarrassment to all of …[temporarily withheld at this time].

Yours faithfully

Val Kerrison