Magistrate Alison Viney Quits HealthQuest

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Posted April 24th, 2007 by Antino Santangelo

Antino Santangelo alleges all of the following:

Alison Viney, C.E.O. of HealthQuest, the N.S.W. Government Medical Office, has quit.

Viney was recently controversially appointed as a magistrate by the N.S.W. government. Considering her relative inexperience as a solicitor doing court work, due to her commitment to HealthQuest over the last few years, it is not known why she was appointed to the Bench. As reported on Indymedia recently:

The June 2005 Newsletter of HealthQuest, which is aimed at employers in the government sector contains a very sinister statement:

To ensure you are obtaining the services you need from HealthQuest and to discuss those occupational health issues which just will not go away at all, clients are being contacted to arrange a meeting time with our CEO Alison Viney, please take this opportunity to ensure you are getting the most out of your occupational health provider. In addition over the last 12 months our CEO has addressed larger groups of HR managers. Topics of interest have included Getting the Most from your HealthQuest Referral, What Happens at the HealthQuest Examination and When is the Right Time to Refer to HealthQuest?

It seems that 'those occupational health issues which just will not go away' might well be the troublesome whistleblowers and dissidents of the Public Service.

The attached document illustrates the kind of correspondence Alison Viney was involved in sending from HealthQuest. This document shows very clearly that Alison Viney was not only aware of public servants being forced to see psychiatrists and psychologists against their will, she was actively involved in the decision-making which has led to these events.

Viney has been replaced by Steven Davison. It is not known as yet what his background is but members of our team are looking into his past.

The lineup at HealthQuest now is:

Steven Davison CEO
Dr Peter Dodwell, Principal Medical Officer
Mr Richard Persson - [Chairman] Administrator Warringah council and married to deputy director general of TAFE Marie Persson whose department has been involved in a number of past HealthQuest scandals.
Mr Wayne Cahill - [Deputy Chair] Solicitor;
Dr Ian R Gardner - Occupational Physician;
Mr Terrence Hannan - Representative of the Labour Council of NSW;
Ms Rosemary Milkins - Health NSW Senior Executive

More documents relating to HealthQuest can be found at: