Canberra Indymedia Article 23 January 2007

Iemma Control Bullying? What a Laugh

Summary: Iemma country - the bullies' paradise.

With hilarity the following article was circulated among some of the huge number of public servant whistleblowers who were bullied/victimised by the corrupt, vindictive Carr/Iemma government. Iemma's and Carr's boys lead the parade of bullies in NSW.

WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed web site have hundreds of items showing the million$$$ of dollar$$$ they have misappropriated to serve their own benefit: silence whistleblowers.

See TAFE teacher Val Kerrison's case at ;

See how Ken Boston bullied and victimised the teachers reporting the paedophile Peter Boys at

Nhung's plight at the hands of the Gaming and Racing Board'ach_Nhung_HealthQuest_ruined_my_life_here_in_Australia.php

Now we see the pathetic little Telegraph report that the equally lazy/corrupt NSW Teachers' Federation opine that "...It is expected the Iemma Government will be asked to fund formal training "to recognise and reduce workplace bullying."


Iemma's punks could write the manual on how to bully the defenceless.

Carr already wrote the instructions manual on how to send whistleblowers to the corrupt HealthQuest psychiatrists, and make them submit to this degradation, then dupe them out of their jobs with HealthQuest's fraudulent, fake retirement certificates .

Carr's instructions on how to force unwanted public servants to submit to unwanted medical 'assessments' especially to persecute whistleblowers are now held by Iemma. This is Soviet-style psychiatry to punish, discredit, and ruin NSW whistleblowers

NSW government's bullying/victimisation/corruption extends across participating departments, watched by idle, useless 'watchdog' departments state wide

The courts and ICAC (NSW corruption centre) show their colours towards the bullied/victimised whistleblowers.

All of this is a great expense to the public, both financially and morally by getting rid of the ethical public servants out of government departments.

Jo Hewitt
WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed


Telegraph December 14, 2006 12:00 Article:
Teachers set bad example by bullying each other

WHILE schools battle to stamp out student bullying, hundreds of teachers have opened hostilities against each other.

Teachers in primary and secondary schools claim they are seriously bullied by their colleagues at school - often on a weekly basis.

In a confidential survey of 1000 teachers in NSW schools, an "overwhelming majority" report they have been bullied by other staff.

Many of the teacher victims are engaged in developing or implementing elaborate plans aimed at combating bullying involving their students in the class or playground.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that the vast majority of bullying between teachers is verbal and psychological, playing on the victims' state of mind.

The conflict has upset some staff members to such an extent that they have turned to their union - the NSW Teachers Federation - for help.

Federation president Maree O'Halloran said she was taking the results "very seriously".

"This seems to be an endemic problem and we have to find a solution to it," she said.

Most victims are older women working in a primary school and many work on a "casual" basis.

In extreme cases a non-permanent teacher who complained about the conduct of a student in class, or reported violent behaviour, was not re-employed.

"This is because they were seen to be making waves," Ms O'Halloran said.
"Casual and temporary teachers often feel they are not really part of any one school.

"We have received comments from teachers that often there is no space for them to make constructive suggestions.

"You would hope that schools would operate in a collegial manner, but it appears there is little time for proper discussion and reflection on issues."

Of 1000 surveys sent out by the Teachers Federation, 250 responses were received and most showed a "high incidence" of bullying.

The researchers said: "The overwhelming majority of staff who have returned the survey report they have been bullied at work.

"Of these, half report being bullied on at least a monthly basis, while one third report being bullied on a weekly basis.

"Once all of the data has been collated, more specific information to identify who is doing the bullying will be reported."

Many teachers who have reported or challenged bad language and behaviour say they have received little support.

They now want their superiors to be better trained in effective management and conflict resolution.

It is expected the Iemma Government will be asked to fund formal training "to recognise and reduce workplace bullying".