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27 July 2007
Mr Mark Vaile , Deputy Prime Minister
Suite 1a, 2 Horton Street, Port Macquarie, 2444 Fax 6552 5835

Dear Mr Vaile
Regarding my fax to you last month, and your response that it was sent to Mr Philip Ruddock, unfortunately, similar to the past decade, nothing has improved.

As with communication to Mr Howard I have not received a reply from Mr Ruddock, and on searching his site cannot see any indication that he is in any way involved in anti-corruption actions or whistleblower protection as required under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

Apparently Australia was not even represented at the conference of participating countries last December.

Mr Vaile, my plight is serious. Yet all federal and state take and keep our public funds to perform in the public interest.

Please will you do whatever is required to rectify the cruel actions taken against me by government officers - watched by some hundreds of further public servants, politicians, ministers, and agencies.

I am fighting cancer, repeatedly have to present for tests and under go treatment - and also must jump to the tune on Crown Solicitors, departmental lawyers, courts, costs against me of around a quarter of a million dollars - NONE of which would have been required under a non-corrupt regime, and is all based on actions which the public easily identified as null and void due to lack of procedural fairness by public officers.

See again:

Mr Andrew Stoner recently to Parliament on my behalf. This may be read at

Mr Vaile, please forward this to Mr Howard and Mr Ruddock, and I ask that you, Mr Ruddock, and Mr Howard will now assist me.

Yours faithfully

Val Kerrison