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28 June 2007
Mr Mark Vaile , Deputy Prime Minister
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Dear Mr Vaile

I spoke with Kerrie from your office regarding my plight since I reported wrongdoing in Kempsey TAFE especially 1994-5. Since then, TAFE from Managing Director down, with its lawyers, Crown Solicitors etc have spent millions attempting to discredit me, keep me and my truth out of TAFE, and attempted to blacken my good name, frighten me off, discredit me and the proven truth I trustingly spoke.

At that time, 1994-5 I was not aware that Australia-wide many Departments 'shot the messenger', seemingly with impunity. Since then I have met many other who are treated the same, and seen many publications confirming this terrible situation. Although I have constantly sent my evidence and complaints to politicians especially Mr Howard and state Premiers, A-Generals, etc, and recently your office, seemingly everything is either ignored or 'flicked'.

However, Australia has now chosen to sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and as a signatory since around 2002 is required to address its corruption. Further, as persecuting whistleblowers is systemic in many countries, at the meeting in December 2006 the member states (including Australia) were again told to protect us. References from that meeting are on the WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed site at

Mr Andrew Stoner recently again spoke in Parliament on my behalf. This may be read at however when those with the power, especially Prime Minister Mr Howard, do not act, to enforce the law already in existence making persecution a criminal act, there is little that we without power can do

Mr Vaile, I have been trying for all of these years. TAFE's actions have been so bad that I have collapsed unconscious on a number of occasions from the horror and stress. Part of my plight is published on the web, including the article "HealthQuesting Val Kerrison" at and statistics register more than 2,500 reads.

I realise the TAFE generally is a state responsibility however persecuting whistleblowers is an Australia-wide issue. As so much time has elapsed, I am now 67 years old, recently diagnosed and having on-going treatment for cancer, yet TAFE and Crown Solicitor's Office appear to be playing a "James Hardie asbestos victims" type of game through the courts. They know I lost my assets already through this, but the legal representatives grow fatter off the public funds they claim while keeping court cases alive.

I now merely seek a fair settlement offer to finalise all outstanding matters.

Yours sincerely

Val Kerrison