Extract from PSA Report by Rosslyn Small

14 March 2007

GREAT decision

At the same time as unions were considering the redraft of the Fitness to Continue guidelines, a GREAT decision (PSD/287/06) was published allowing an appeal by a DOCS employee against her medical retirement.

GREAT determined that the HealthQuest process was so flawed that the Director General should not have medically retired the employee. GREAT recommended that the employee should be referred for further assessment by HealthQuest and that the decision to retire the employee should be reconsidered having regard to all relevant evidence including the opinions of her treating doctors and any redeployment options available.

Mr Hannan has read the decision and noted that the employee did not lodge an appeal with the HealthQuest Appeals Committee before appealing to GREAT. He said the HAC has upheld several appeals from public servants for precisely the same reason, i.e. that the recommendation to medically retire was not the result of a medical examination by HealthQuest, but an examination of medical reports about the person. In a couple of cases when the people were re-examined by HealthQuest, or an independent Doctor, they were found to be fit to continue.

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