Australia the Imploding Country - Decent Humans Beware!

May 14 2007
By Ed McDonald

Whether or not the situation would be improved with more women in power - and the statistics and research indicate that it would - observing the plight of our whistleblowers I believe all of the following:

Corruption is neck-deep and the public service is imploding from the non-productive, but protected, parasites sitting around performing no public service.

they know they are unemployable in the real world. Take for instance the staff in places like the Ombudsman's Office, or ICAC, or Premier's Office - they could not be so dumb as to realise that out of all the complaints coming in (and there are more each year) they NEVER properly address any.

This does not make for job satisfaction. Those real workers who like to perform a fair day's work for a (relatively) fair day's pay, leave.

The unemployables stay

Or transfer to another non-operative department such as the Health Care Complaints Commission. Or the Attorney General's Office. Or the Auditor General's Office.

Or they can sit in the gas-chamber (HealthQuest) and mass produce HealthQuest's main source of income

"This is HealthQuest. We find that ___________________ [fill in the name of your choice] is insane and therefore unable to carry out the duties of his/her office. We also say that this is permanent. Please send us $1000."

If this kills the victim - well that just proves that they were sick ... doesn't it?

They too are protected by their Managers as the Managers seek more public money to maintain their lifestyle.

The story about the dishonest (criminal) doctors above is quite correct - this is malfeasance and criminal action. And it does not exactly by-pass anti-discrimination laws - but incompetent judges do not, from their position of privilege, recognise discrimination.

Sack the bludgers!
Ed McDonald
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