Public Servants Not Acting in Public Interest Need to be Removed From Office

May 14th, 2007
by Frank Moretti

Frank Moretti alleges all of the following:

Over the past few years many state government public servants have failed to act on reports by other public service employees of mismanagement, corruption, assault, malfeasance, racial discrimination, abuse of the disabled and other crimes.

These public servants are in positions of power and are being paid salaries of $70,000 to $200,000 [and sometimes much more as is the case with ministers and prime minister, etc] from the public purse.

By aiding and abetting the perpetrators of these crimes to cover up, avoid prosecution and so on, they are just as guilty of these crimes themselves; they are accessories after the fact.

As a result of the malfeasance of these senior N.S.W. public servants, and their assurances to the Ministers in charge of their departments that they are in the right and the junior public servant whistleblower or dissenter is lying or wrong, the N.S.W. government spends millions of dollars persecuting the whistleblower. The various Ministers in the N.S.W. State Government do not question or investigate the claims of senior public servants such as departmental heads, believing they are beyond reproach due to their position in the departments.

For example, they may say "There was no racial discrimination against Aborigines at the TAFE. In fact, the person who reported this is suffering a personality disorder, and is imagining the discrimination. We will retire them on a state super pension to solve their problem."

The Whistleblowers Documents Exposed Panel has discovered the true cost of this persecution which can continue through the courts for ten years or more is around $4,000,000.

On the advice of these corrupt senior public servants, the dissenting public servant can be sent to HealthQuest which has in past years certified people 'sick' on request and payment of a bribe of up to $7,000. I refuse to call this a fee: it is not a fee for an honest service. It is a payment which both the N.S.W. government department and HealthQuest know will have the 'desired' result of the worker being forcibly medically retired by means of fraudulent diagnoses and certificates of unfitness and inability to carry out the duties of office.

(HealthQuest now has a new CEO Mr Steven Davison, and high hopes are held that he will put a stop to these practices forever.)

Once the public servant is out of a job they then attempt to get some justice, usually through the following offices:

*The Ombudsman

*The Health Care Complaints Commission

*The Independent Commission Against Corruption

*The Antidiscrimination Board

*The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission

*The Industrial Relations Commission

*The Administrative Decisions Tribunal

*Other courts and tribunals

These government-funded organizations then take part in the covering-up of the original corruption.

When the person goes to court the government department employs the Crown Solicitors to defend the N.S.W. government department. If the poor sacked or wronged employee wins, then the Crown Solicitors automatically appeal.

The HREOC, Ombudsman, ICAC, HCCC, ADB and so on make findings in favour of the government. All of the people employed by these organizations are costing the people of N.S.W. huge amounts of money - and instead of doing their job they are acting corruptly and malevolently.

Then we have the judges who make findings against the person appealing to the courts; they've been hand-picked to do just that. How much are their salaries? They'd probably say it's just that the N.S.W. government had the superior representation (a QC, no less) and presented the better case.

Then the original complaint of corruption, abuse, malfeasance, discrimination, assault or whatever it was gets lost in the wronged person's efforts to get justice.

Allegations of criminal behaviour by the above government employees are constantly being reported to Members of Parliament:

And they are also taking part in the coverup of the truth and are accessories to the original crimes. What are we paying our parliamentary representatives not to represent us, but to act in collusion with corrupt government departments and alleged investigative bodies such as the ICAC?

I think $4,000,000 is a conservative estimate of the cost of persecuting just one whistleblower.

All this could have been prevented if the original complaints had been dealt with properly.

If it seemed that the person making the original complaint could not be re-employed due to having made others in their department angry and if the situation could not be solved by a transfer or by other workers being instructed to behave, then a bit of honesty would have gone a long way: "We don't employ whistleblowers so here's $500,000, thank you for your service and good luck." A decent redundancy offer would probably be gladly accepted and would save the State of N.S.W. millions.

I call for the sacking of all those involved in this shocking waste of public funds: departmental heads, government ministers, HealthQuest employees, employees of the ADB, ICAC, HCCC, HREOC and Ombudsman's office.

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