Persecuting Val Kerrison

May 15, 2007
By Antino Santangelo

There are a few notable whistleblowers of the state Public Service who have been persecuted for years.

Val Kerrison has suffered this persecution after complaining of racial discrmination at a TAFE college and a DoCS employee has also suffered around ten years of persecution after complaining that disabled people were being abused and assaulted.

Public officers are being paid huge salaries to prevent corruption and act on reports of criminal behaviour. They are not doing their jobs. Because of them not doing their jobs, instead of the original problem being solved, the whole thing spirals into years of litigation.

The Crown Solicitors don't come cheap. The various penniless whistleblowers running their own court cases to try to get some justice have no money to pay costs. So costs will be borne by the N.S.W. government and its various departments.

This litigation did not have to happen in the first place. The decent thing to do would have been to apologize to the people involved and perhaps offer a decent separation payment - say half a million dollars - an amount that will not make the employee feel they have been cheated.

Instead the N.S.W. government used [allegedly] dishonest doctors at HealthQuest to certify that these people were sick when they were not. They could then be removed from their duties, bypassing antidiscrimination laws. Isn't there someone intelligent in a high position in the public service who could solve these kinds of problems without resort to lies, false accusations and court cases?

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