Crown Solicitor's Office to Ms Valda Kerrison

Yourself v NSW TAFE Commission
District Court of NSW Proceedings 6816/99
[Regarding fraudulent HealthQuest fraudulent Retirement Certificate which never reached hearing due to refuted claims by respondents. Ed.]

I refer to previous correspondence.
You will recall I recently served on you invoices and accompanying schedules in respect of work carried out for my client in an effort to obtain my client's costs on a party/party basis for approximately $2,770.00.

I note that you have not provided me with any objections nor have you indicated if you would challenge the amount of costs claimed.

In an effort to avoid the need for an assessment by a costs assessor and further costs, I am instructed that my client is prepared to accept $2,450.00 in full and final settlement of this matter.

Please note that this offer remains open for acceptance until 5.00pm on 23 May 2007.

Yours faithfully
Chris Fesel
For Crown Solicitor