Industrial Relations Commission Rejects Val Kerrison's Application to Reopen her Case

May 22 2007

by Antino Santangelo

Justices Staunton, Staff and Walton have refused to grant Val Kerrison permission to re-open her case in the Industrial Relations Commission of N.S.W.

Val made an application on the grounds that the IRC in its previous decision failed to take into account the anti discrimination laws which it must do. There was also no procedural fairness.

Looking disinterested and evidently already having made their minds up to throw the application out before the case was presented, the three judges happily took their cue from TAFE and HealthQuest representatives Ms Elaine Brus and Mr P. Menzies QC. They knew it was a foregone conclusion and had barely any enthusiasm themselves.

Justice Walton, vice president of the IRC, was formerly a barrister retained by the Police Association. In their dealings with HealthQuest, the government medical office which issued a fraudulent retirement certificate to Mrs Kerrison, many public servants and teachers have found their unions to be their worst enemies and to have betrayed them. This is because of the unions' relationship with the state Labor government. There is a conflict of interest when a union member takes on the government.

Justice Staunton was formerly head of the Nurses Association and a State Labor M.P. before being appointed Chief Magistrate and then a judge in the I.R.C. How can a judge be unbiased with a history like that?

The Labor government's use of political psychiatry is disgusting and a blight on the nation. Yet none of these judges is going to stand up and say it is wrong and against all the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Instead they sit on their high horses making judgments against whistleblowers who have come up against the evil of HealthQuest after making complaints of corruption in the workplace.

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I am disgusted with the Industrial Relations Commission. Shame on them.

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