[Date withheld]

Re HealthQuest Assessment [ identity withheld ]

I refer to the above and to your request to assess [ whistleblower's name withheld ] with regard to fitness for employment.

I have requested that our senior Occupational Physician review [name withheld]'s file in light of your request and [ ] relatively recent [ ] from your employ.

Having reviewed [ . ]'s file Dr Dodwell has indicated that HealthQuest will require evaluations by the following specialists to address issues raised.

Dr Dodwell further indicates that a report from Dr [ name withheld ] would be essential to provide valuable information in regard to the [ withheld ] retirement although it would appear unnecessary for [ withheld ] to actually examine
[ withheld ] again.

Please advise if the Department is prepared to cover the cost associated with the assessments outlined above.

Yours sincerely


Alison Viney