Yet another Healthquest abomination

Posted February 4th, 2008 by Anonymous

I was working with disabled clients in a large residential centre run by Dept Community Services (DoCS) as a registered nurse in the 1990's.

My job was to provide safe and appropriate nursing care and to be an advocate on their behalf and protect them from physical, emotional, and mental abuse.

It appeared to me that some of these clients were being abused by management so I questioned management decisions.

During that time a client for whom I had the responsibility for being case manager died as a result of similar decisions being taken by management.

When management failed to address the reports from myself and other registered nursing staff I made formal application on behalf of the client to seek the intervention of the (then) Guardianship Board.

On the day I contacted the Guardianship Board Docs' immediate response was that they summarily locked me out of my workplace.

I fought on for months and, similar to other dissidents in the public service I was resoundingly unsuccessful - I was left hung out to dry.

DoCS officers then directed me to go to HealthQuest. They denied me my rights – they sent documents to HealthQuest without my knowledge or right of reply. When I asked HealthQuest "doctors" if they had any documents the psychiatrist refused to show them to me - she kept me in the dark regarding it all .

I attended HealthQuest under duress and without my informed consent to any medical purported examination and have learn since that this can be deemed trespass and assault.

My case is absolutely similar to the other HealthQuested people now published; eg Val Kerrison

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, Pene Loza  ,


Under FOI I uncovered DoCS' voluminous unsubstantiated untrue fraudulent putrescence which caused untold damage to me and my darling family.

DoCS simply acted as if my legitimate right to my job had been somehow terminated without my knowledge. Where were my rights to work, and my fundamental right to truth, fairness, and natural justice?

Heaven knows how many people have experienced the same or similar destruction at the hands of these public servants.

I believe that the HealthQuest process I experienced is an atrocity on a par with the most heinous of human rights violations through history.

The HealthQuest fraudulent "Retirement Certificate" was signed by two signatories. To make it even more atrocious, those 2 purported doctors had never even set eyes on me.

I have withheld my name simply because of fear for the safety and work rights of my precious family. However my documents and claims are, or SHOULD still be all in the offices of DoCS, Guardianship Board, Public Guardian, Community Services Commission, Anti-Discrimination Board, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, (then) Attorney General Jeff Shaw, Carmel Niland, Protective Office Commissioner, NSW Nurses Association, etc, etc.


Would Kevin Rudd and Morris Iemma properly investigate and rectify this?

"Doctor" Armand Casolin of HealthQuest, and Gary Olsen and Jeanette Rai of Dept of Aging Disability and Home Care (DADHC) could assist in this investigation. Or they may all be promoted elsewhere by now.

Registered Nurse (double certificate)

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