Report from New Zealand:

"Over here in Wellington NZ there is an arts & writers festival featuring amongst other attractions Australian director N Jamieson and work on David Hicks.

Apparently some people, in particular one male activist did some street theatre to shine light on untold human rights abuses including HealthQuest.

He set up an over six foot high banner outside a theatre where many people were attending a talk on human rights abuses arising out of the war on terror (Iraq, David Hicks Guantanamo Bay).

The attendees appeared to be lovely middle-class left wing activists and literary types.

The festival event included Nigel Jamieson Director of Honour Bound (past works included opening ceremony for Sydney Olympics) Gary Trudeau US top political cartoonist, Joseph Stiglitz top economist and writer...

When the attending crowd streamed out afterwards, all fired up about human rights, the male activist was waiting with a big banner.

Part of the banner read:


Many people came over and read the contents and looked at the image.

Those that wished to speak with the activist did. One woman, though he was in a mask, too the opportunity to speak with him. It is reported that she was from Queensland and moreover a unionist and they discussed in particular NSW HealthQuest and Qld equivalent referring to the Dr Death scandal, voicing opinon that Kevin Rudd would not make a difference.

Under the text "Untold Tales of Political Terror " etc on the banner was a large image of Hitler as a jack in the box. He was saluting out of a white box with letters on the side NSW STATE LABOUR GOVT "We're heading in the right direction". Iemma and John Roberston were depicted standing either side grinning, with Sydney harbour looking out past the opera house to the heads behind it all.

On left side border the activist had printed out a letter to the editor SMH 5/12/05 called "A reminder of Hitler" written by Emil Whitton Chatswood comparing Germany 1933-35 where he lived as a Jew to contemporary Australia and warning about the erosion of civil liberties

On the other side he had set out specific points of comparison, the last being :

In Germany 1933-45 psychiatrists serving the regime extended the definition of mental illness to include " having the wrong political ideas" so that disssenters could be certified insane and persecuted under NAZI eugenic laws. Under this process pianist and Christian pacifist Margarethe Klinckerfuss was declared insane by health authorities in Stuttgart 1937 and incarcerated in asylums for 6 years for protesting about the persecution of Jews and disabled. (reference cited)

In NSW from 1971 to the present both labour and liberal state govts have employed psychiatrists and doctors to certify as "insane" public servants who speak up or report serious corruption and abuses going on in their departments. Having been declared "insane" by NSW psychiatrists the victims are then summarily (somehow?) dismissed from their employment without right of proper appeal . As in Nazi Germany on this ground they are stripped of all their legal rights. Some of the victims of this brutal practice are