Notice: Be Careful Don’t Step In the Corruption

Today 19 March 2008 as radio 2GB posed the question is “NSW the corrupt state?” the results show that 96% of the people polled recorded a YES opinion, with the remaining 4% recording NO.

On 15 March 2008 when “Anonymous” wrote in Sydney Indymedia “I urge you to read the article in today's SMH where a RailCorp whistleblower was 'certified' with 'paranoid personality disorder' in retaliation for her revelations of timesheet fraud and overtime scams. 'HeatlhQuest' is not mentioned in the article but it is the medical examiner for Railcorp. The former head of HealthQuest, Dr Armand Casolin, works at Railcorp also” this exposes just one more example of the cost of corruption.

On reading the complete article at

we read that the cost of cover-ups is bleeding us dry; the Sydney Morning Herald reports that RailCorp [executives?] spent almost $300,000 in legal costs alone in its attempt to ruin the life of its whistleblower Ms Bimla Chand.

There is no indication how many corrupt staff RailCorp is still paying. If there were 20 RailCorp executives involved, averaging about $60,000 per year, that would be in excess of $1 million per year, or $4,000,000 for the whole 4 years.

That figure, of course, does not include any of the public servants that Ms Chand probably reported the situation to, such as Ombudsman’s Office, Premier’s Office, Attorney-General’s Office, ICAC etc, for these long, terrible years.

No doubt RailCorp is quite happy with the way they have spent OUR money, but I doubt that the people who answered 2GB’s Poll are.

Wasting public funds to silence the truth-tellers (whistleblowers) and other forms of corruption is not confined to any one state, it is throughout this country.

Corruption is rife in other countries as well.

Corruption takes the money out of the public services such as health, education, police etc, and pours it down the gullet of the public dis-service.

This includes agencies’ internal fraud/crime, resultant cover-ups, frivolous and vexatious court actions, and criminally threatening and persecuting the witnesses willing to testify on the corruption (See excerpts from Crimes Act s314 and s322

The problem is so serious that this is the reason the United Nations formulated the Convention Against Corruption treaty (UNCAC).


Although ex-Prime Minister John Howard and his Attorney General Philip Ruddock signed the UNCAC in 2004 as their commitment to address the corruption in Australia, this apparently has not even been attempted.

But, worse than that; apparently those offices still sleep with corruption; although we now have different names sitting in the Prime Minister’s and Attorney-General’s offices, it seems that Australia did not even bother to attend the recent 2008 UNCAC Conference.

The corruption buck stops firmly in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Mr Rudd, and Mr Iemma, the 2GB poll spells out the public perception that this is a corrupt state.

… and whistleblowers are still declared insane by the hired-gun psychiatrists and thugs.

When will either of you stir yourselves and actually perform your duty and properly address all of these cases?

Jo Hewitt

Reporter [at]