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Re: HealthQuesting Val Kerrison

On October 30th, 2008
By "Jaandee Hart" (not verified) who says:

I came across this page some time ago. I read with disgust what has been done to Val Kerrison over the years. I can see some similarities in the way the NSW Department of the Uneducated have treated Val with the way they have been treating me for some time. I have been on Workers Compensation due to a work place accident in which I received multiple fractures, etc.

I have been fit to resume work for some time now but the department being the department decided to deny me the right to be placed in a local school temporarily until I can travel back to my substantive position.

The people I have been dealing with in the Dept. of the Uneducated claimed that this was not an option because it is never done. Funny how suitable duties can't be found in such a large department!

The NSW Teachers Federation told me that in fact it can be done and has been done.

I feel that I was denied the opportunity to be placed temporarily in a local school because I made complaints about how the Uneducated were handling my return to work after a serious accident last year.

The rehab providers, the Uneducated and GIO have been screwing me over ever since I was dumped in a school with multiple stairs (I have serious knee problems amongst other injuries from the car accident). I am almost at the 26 week mark with Workers Comp and am wondering if they are heading me towards HealthQuest, although I find it interesting that GIO have had the Dept. of the Uneducated use my holiday pay, not my sick pay, to cover the last few months of my claim.

GIO have bundled my claims together and are now saying the last accident has an old claim number and that the 26 weeks have been up for some time.

So basically soon, if I am not sent to some immoral quack at HealthQuest and am shoved out of my job because the people I am dealing with are unable to do their jobs due to lack of compassion and understanding, I will be left without any pay. This means I will have to sell my house as I wont be able to afford the repayments. Interestingly enough my pay was only changed one day ago, almost 6 months after the accident and coincidently, one day after GIO and the rehab providers were told to lift their acts by WorkCover as I had made a complaint! My local member has been really good thus far, which is nice.

I think Val is an absolute legend and the people she has had to deal with are a complete waste of oxygen. Val's journey against the odds gives me courage to keep persuing these arrogant, inconsiderate, undesirable and uneducated sad sacks who feel it is their given right to try to intimidate people and make their lives miserable. I don't hold much hope in being able to win against these people in the usual sense but at the end of the day I can say that at least I have morals and I can live with my conscience. Can these other people say the same thing?

It is obvious that the Uneducated do not want teachers who are proud and passionate and stick up for the rights of themselves and others in order to make a fairer world. Here's to the Val Kerrison's of the world! See complete article and all comments at