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“Nathan Rees Gillian Sneddon - Proof You Can’t Protect NSW Whistleblowers”

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On April 17th, 2009 Gillian Sneddon says:

This is a copy of my response to Terenzini Chair of the Parliamentary ICAC Committee into Whistleblowing- dated 14 April 2009.

I write with disgust and contempt for your so called 'Independent Committee' supposedly 'Against Corruption' looking into the 'Protection of Whistleblowers'. I knew the outcome before it started, a Labor stacked committee had no intention of examining the matters raised in my submission. Remember, Parliament protected the subject of the Police Investigation (Milton Orkopoulos) and locked out the Police witness (me). When parliament does that it delievers one message; keep quiet, keep your jobs, cover up, lock out (?), don't rock the boat, whatever yhou do, don't blow the whistle! However if you have integrity, courage, an ethical and moralistic sense of duty, as well as repect for the law, and do report wrong doing, then be prepared for the wrath of your employer; as you will be abandoned, you will be victimised, lose your health and your job. No doubt all manner of worthy processes and law amendments will result from your consultations, which will not have any meaning whatsoever when in a situation like mine, as I am reliant on one of the very people I am complaining about for my protection!

The outcome of your 'Independent Committee' has only confirmed to me, the media, and fellow Australians that Parliaments high office holders, together with NSW Labor Parliamentarians, are still protecting their own positions, with no interst in finding out the truth and putting wrongs right! In other words they are corrupt.

Above all I complied with the law. I answered questions honestly. I identified and secured evidence relevant to the Police investigation into serious allegations made against my boss. Others were not so co-operative, under the currrent guise, delivered to me in legal threats, since my submission was delivered, of ignorance of a police investigation in progress which is nonsensical!

You are now put on notice that the truth will come out - all of it, before the next election! My Workers Compensation case will be heard in Court in 2010. The delay in dealing with my case is clearly unnecessary and is further proof of my punishment by an obstructive, obtuse and supercillious Clerk and Speaker of NSW Parliament. My Solicitor will be requiring the current Speaker Richard Torbay, the former Speaker John Aquilina, the Clerk Russell Grove, Human Resources staff, the current Swansea Electorate Office Staff, and the work exxperience school boy and victim of Milton Orkopoulos, BB, to attend court. Even my former boss and Minister will be needed to give evidence from his jail cell. Other MP's and former MP's will also be called including the past and present Premier. I know a further 12 months is a long time to exist on $340.00 per week, but I will continue to fight back in the meantime, I will be picketing again, next time with more people, and will keep the media posted as to my plight.

I know that none of you give a damn about me, but I have come this far, from being frightened of being killed because of being a police witness, to becoming so depressed as to not care if I was killed, sometime after which I lost the will to live altogether and was hospitalised for five weeks. After all I have been through; I no longer have a alife, or a livelihood, just an existence. I was a good electorate officer. Constituents continue to ring me to enquire how I am, sometimes even for my help with their problems. I have had cards and calls from Victoria and Queensland as will as all over NSW, and I am led to believe that some people have lobbied the Premier and other MPs on my behalf. Most people do recognise the wider implications of what happened to me and what that suggest about how our elected representatives and parliamentary officials act in the face of politically damaging events. These are serious matters which, in the public interest, cannot and will not be swept under the carpet in spite of the best efforts of the government. The truth will come out.

It is very sad that I have worked loyally for the NSW Parliament since 1993 and yet this is how I am treated! You are law makers, and as such should be ensuring that the law is upheld and complied with. I would be interested in hearing how I should have acted on being told of allegations of my former boss' crimes and what your Committee members would have done in my position. Be honest now......yes I thought so.........nothing!

Gillian Sneddon

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