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Re: Gillian, we support you!!

On April 20th, 2009 Gillian Sneddon says:

For your interest I recommend looking at the NSW Parliament, Committees, ICAC Inquiry into the Protection of Public Sector Whistleblowers Employees, 1Dec2008......

MR GREG SMITH: Mr Grove, if you became aware that an electorate staffer was involved in a police investigation of sexual missconduct by her Member of Parliament, do you think it is proper that yoiu should inform the Member about that information?

MR GROVE: Is this a hypothetical question?

MR GREG SMITH: It is hypothetical.

MR GROVE: Depending upon the cirumstances surrounding the situation, reference may be made to the issue. It may not, depending upon the circumstances.

MR GREG SMITH: Would you agree that it may have the effect of blowing an investigation if you told the member that you had heard that he was under investigation?

MR GROVE: Not if the Member already knew.

MR GREG SMITH: How would you know that before you told him?

Read all of the paper to get the full understanding.It continues.

MR GREG SMITH: Was there an officer in your office you told you on 11 September 2006 that a woman called Gillian Sneddon..

CHAIR: Mr Smith

MR RICHARD AMERY: Did you not say this is hypothetical?

MR GREG SMITH: No, I did not. I said this was not hypothetical.

MR RICHARD AMERY: Earlier you answered the question "yes".

MR GREG SMITH: I know, that was an earlier question.

CHAIR(TERENZINI): That question is out of order. You can ask Mr Grove about the practices and procedures he has in place to deal with people who come forward with information, whether it is protected disclosures or any other kind of information. You can ask about that. Mr Grove has been kind enought to appear before this Committee. We all appreciate that. You can ask him as the Clerk what procedures he has in place to deal with situations. You are well aware of that, I know.

MR GREG SMITH: Mr Chair, I am asking him as to how he behaved in a particular case.

CHAIR: That is out of order.

MR GREG SMITH: Why is it out of order if it shows that there is or is not protection for whistleblowers?

If any one is in any doubt that this Committee is on the nose continue read the report on the site I mentioned.....

MR GREG SMITH: Would you ensure that any claim she made for Workers Compensation was not opposed because of the trauma that she had suffered?


MR GROVE: I would not be in a position to make that decision. In a Workers Compensation case it would be for the Insurers (Allianz) to make that decision.

MR GREG SMITH; You do not give instructions to Counsel or to the Lawyers briefed to represent the Parliament in relation to such a claim?

MR GROVE; We have conferences but, ultimately, it is a matter for the Insurers (Allianz) who are the party to the case to make that decision.

He attends the conferences but gives no input!!!!???I suppose he's just there for the tea and biscuits!!


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