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Nathan Rees, is Gillian Sneddon proof you can't protect NSW whistleblowers?


My Submission to the Parliamentary Whistle Blower Inquiry
On June 1st, 2009 Gillian Sneddon says:

I have decided to post on this site my Submission To Committee On ICAC.  The submission was not even addressed at the Whistle Blower Inquiry.  As it is a lot to digest I will post a bit at a time.

9 August 2008

This is an account of what happened to me when I discovered that my boss was involved in criminal activity, and tried to expose those crimes.

I was employed by Milton Orkopoulos on his election to the NSW Legislative Assembly as the E02 position in the Swansea Electorate Office in 1999.  My conditions of service and my pay were handled by the Clerk to the Legislative Assembly and the Speaker, jointly.  Vicki Calder was employed as the E01 and I was expected to train her in that role.  Prior to that employment I had been employed as a casual officer since 1993 in the State Electorate Officers of Don Bowman, Bryce Gaudry and Jill Hall.

On 10th October 2005 Vicki Calder answered a telephone caller asking for me by name.  That caller was a young man whose name I knew, although I could not remember meeting him.  He alleged to me that he had been sexually abused since the age of 15 by my boss, the Member for Swansea and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Milton Orkopoulos, who was also, he alleged, a serious drug user.  I informed Vicki Calder immediately of the substance of that call.

I telephoned my boss and left a message for him to call me regarding serious allegations and when he did, I relayed the young man's allegations to him at which time he sounded outraged and hung up on me.  I was waiting for Milton to ring me back to tell me that he had reported it to Police, but after no contact for a day and a half, leading to considerable anxiety - I badly needed to know that he was dealing properly with the allegations..............


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