HealthQuest Staff Redundant

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May 10th, 2009

by Ed McDonald

I hear that the staff at HealthQuest are redundant.

They are not redeployed.

How crooked quacks and lackeys could ever consider themselves working in the public interest as public servants I do not know. Talk about hallucinating. Or delusional.

I hope that they are rewarded as they deserve

Ed McDonald


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On May 11th, 2009 edward james says:

Re: HealthQuest Staff Redundant

Redundant is too good. I have sat and witnessed the bullying dished out by people paid by taxpayers to do the politicaly motivated business of the the Labor party in NSW. The damage dished out was paid for by taxpayers, some whistle blowers found themselves living beneath the stars while battleing wrong minded elected representatives who had everything except the best interest of their constituants in mind.

see lots of references in WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed


and we do believe much of what has occured would be identifed as criminal if government was not using our taxes to hide its political sins aginst the peoples. Many who have suffered make an unfavourable compairson between one kind of abuse Chelmsford and another much more insidious for NSW governments trusting citizens Health Quest.

Edward James, Umina CBD

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