Re  public demonstration on 9 October 2009 in Bathurst


Not a political issue Mr Marley?


On November 10th, 2009 jules85 says:


My reports from yesterday's protest in Bathurst would indicate otherwise. The people of Bathurst are now a wake-up to what is happening in NSW DET.


Many people gathered outside the Bathurst Court House to protest against the NSW Department of Education and Training and dozens more heard the message and hundreds of flyers were handed out. Due to the Prime Minister's visit there were many media outlets in Bathurst, some of who interviewed the protesters. All media outlets took flyers sharing the message about what is happening in your Western Region.


A few protesters went to protest outside Bathurst District Office but many did not due to the threats of reprisals from senior staff at Carenne Special School. This in itself shows how DET not only oppresses its staff but parents and community members as well.


While at BDO, your staff took photographs of the protesters and the Indymedia Party Van. While all this was happening, a vehicle was parked in William Street near your state office block with messages of protest against Gerard Martin and the DET all over it. As delegates left their meeting with the Prime Minister, they stopped to read the messages and took flyers which were made available on the vehicle. A protester stood with the vehicle handing out articles from this website and explaining what is going on within the NSW DET.


Protests were also held outside the Western Advocate where some protesters spoke to reporters and the NSW government offices where Edward James went to speak to the local MP about his inaction on the massive issues at Carenne Special School.


The Indymedia Party Van circulated throughout Bathurst playing Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd, sharing its message about the NSW DET. I am told many people flagged the driver down who explained the cause and gave out flyers and copies of articles from Sydney Indymedia.


The day ended with the Indymedia Party Van protesting opposite Carenne Special School.


In total, some 1000 flyers were handed out throughout Bathurst drawing people's attention to the goings on in NSW DET. A large number of people would have heard and seen the message in Bathurst yesterday.


Another protest will be planned shortly.

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