2 May 2007

Email from John Wilson
Dear Fellow Australians,

Attached is a scanned doc. of Michael Frederick Adams's Submission to the NSW Supreme Court. On 23 April 2007, his barrister filed a Notice of Motion is for Orders that the Summons be struck out and for John Bauskis to pay the Adams's costs.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: this is of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE. Because it is of National Importance it is not subject to the "sub judice" rule of non-disclosure fact, it ought to headlines in every newspaper across the country. This is Trial by Jury. It is "trial per pais"...trial by the country. This is the trial to determine whether or not Australia is a country where Free men and women exercise their Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (to borrow from our American brothers who had to go to war to get back their Right to Trial by Jury).

MAKE NO MISTAKE: if Adams is not convicted, then there is NO DEMOCRACY in Australia, and the People of Australia have NO LAWS and NO LIBERTIES.

Over the last century "evil counsellors, judges and ministers" (Bill of Rights 1688) have been systematically destroying OUR COUNTRY to the point where we are virtually of no significance and the BANKS ARE OUR LORDS AND MASTERS....and the Judges impose BANK-MADE & JUDGE-MADE LAWS on us.

It was announced yesterday that, last year, there were 5,693 evictions of Australian families who has mortgages. All the mortgages since 1981 are illegal and all the DISPOSSESSIONS resulting from them are therefore ILLEGAL. This is just one of the consequences of "evil triumphing when good men do nothing".

UNLESS we can regain OUR RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY, there are only 2 paths to follow:- (1) Total submission to servitude, or (2) BLOODY REBELLION.


The next day in Court is Monday the 14th May, 2007 at Queen's Square, Sydney. We have allowed 2 delays since the filing of the Indictment....but NO MORE. Now there must be a date allocated for the empanelling of a JURY to try Bauskis -v- Adams File No: 11031 of 2007. Adams's Notice of Motion can only be judged by a JURY. A JURY must determine whether Australians have the RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.