The shocking saga setting out how TAFE and HealthQuest have victimized and terrorized TAFE teacher, Val Kerrison, for more than a decade was published in the Indymedia article “HealthQuesting Val Kerrison” node/35858 and on the WhistleBlowers’ Documents Exposed site

Well, seems that atrocity is swimming fast and reached a new low. The Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) arranged that they would meet with TAFE and Crown Solicitors to give ‘directions’ re costs against Val. Alarmingly they told her “your attendance will not be required”

This appears to fly in the face of the evidence all the parties and judges hold, and completely ignore the justice application (application/notice for ex debito justitiae ) (See in WBDE References more on ex debito justitiae )

The letter may have been an attempt by the IRC to finalise/perfect the case instead of addressing the anomalies raised in the justice application/notice (See ‘perfecting’ the case in the application for ex debito justitiae).

While-ever the case remains unfinalised (i.e. not perfected) the judges can and should fix all their ‘mistakes’ and can and should revisit any part of the case to ensure that they are actually delivering justice

Of course they could have chosen to have done this in January, or at any time last year, or any time this year. But although we believe they should have, strangely, they have all, collectively, ignored the lot.

Judges who refuse to act appropriately bring the court into disrepute, and worse


14 March 2006 IRC

To Mrs Val Kerrison…

Re: New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission v Valda June Kerrison - Matter No IRC 7143 of 2003

Thank you for your correspondence (See ) which was received by facsimile on 8 March last.

Your request to have the hearing of 24 March next adjourned has been noted as well as the reasons for your request.

I wish to advise that the matter will remain listed before the Full Bench on 24 March next for directions only. The hearing scheduled for that date is vacated. Please be assured that your attendance will not be required. It is proposed that on that day, the Full Bench will utilise the time to give directions as appropriate to the New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, requiring it to obtain further instructions on the issue of costs between the parties.

You will, of course, be advised as to any directions given on that day and the further date on which the matter is to be listed.

In setting a further date, please be assured that your request to have the matter rescheduled some months ahead has been noted.

I trust you will continue to make positive progress in your treatment.

Yours sincerely

M Grimson

Industrial Registrar.