Excerpt from Health Care Complaints Commission letters to complainants. HCCC Commissioner Ms Amanda Adrian.

15 September 1999

Dear Mrs Kerrison

Your complaint against HealthQuest

I refer to your letter of complaint lodged with the Commission concerning your assessment by HealthQuest and the outcome of your Medical Appeals Panel (MAP) Appeal. I also refer to the letters from Mr Ehl and McGuinness who wrote to the Commission on your behalf.

Your complaint was earlier referred by the Commission to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). The ICAC has advised that your complaint was not going to be formally investigated by them.

The Commission has reviewed a number of complaints concerning HealthQuest and decided to refer issues concerning HealthQuest and the Medical Appeals Panel (MAP) to the Director General of Health. The Director General has agreed to convene a working group to review the following issues identified by complainants:

The Commission considered your letter of complaint when drafting the issues for review by the working group. To assist the consideration of issues by the working group a copy of your complaint has been provided to the Department of Health.

Whilst the review won’t necessarily resolve your particular concerns, as it will focus on systemic and processes, it is anticipated that actions arising from the review will benefit people referred to HealthQuest in the future.

I will contact you again when the Commission has received a copy of the Department’s report on the outcome of the review. I anticipate the report will be available in approximately 6 months.

Should you have any queries I may be contacted on 92197592.

Yours Sincerely


Bruce Greetham
Patient Support Office