HealthQuest retirements

In August 1997 managers such as those in Department of Education & Training, TAFE, DoCS, Police etc, had for years paid HealthQuest to write allegedly fraudulent retirement certificates against their unwanted staff. HealthQuest does not have statutory authority or power to hire or retire other Department’s staff.

On receipt of the HealthQuest documents headed “Retirement Certificate”, the Departments then used these ‘certificates’ as if they constituted a valid sacking of its employees.

Although NSW Department of Health claimed to have a “Medical Appeals Panel”, there was no panel. Documents obtained from Department of Health indicate that there may have been a pediatrician named Dr Harley, but there was no panel such that a person could appear before to seek appeal.

WhistleBlowers, media, and others had joined forces and mounted public demonstrations outside HealthQuest in Quay Street, Sydney. Following this some people who wished to appeal against the HealthQuest alleged “Retirement Certificate” were given the names of approx 5 psychiatrists to choose one from.

MAP hired psychiatrists whom they deemed ‘useful’.

In September 1997 MAP gave teacher AB [real name withheld as she is still working in DET] the names of some 5 psychiatrist’s allowing her to pick one to ‘assess ‘ her. The teacher knew one and considered him OK. The teacher met with him and he supported her right to work as a teacher.

Department of Education eventually allowed teacher AB to continue her employment as a teacher.

It was reported that the psychiatrist was subsequently removed from MAP’s list.

It is not known what happened to the allegedly fake retirement certificate.

Jan 98