Calculations As at 10/04/2006
Name Public Official's PositionComplaint was Submitted As at 10 April 2006 Total Days
Complaint Remains Unaddressed
Kerkyasharian, Stepan Anti-Discrim Brd Pres 06-Mar-06 35
Shaw, Jeff Attorney-General 01-Nov-97 3,082
Debus, Bob Attorney-General 22-Mar-01 1,845
Streater Audit Office - 16-Jan-98 3,006
Harris, Tony Audit Office - 27-Sep-98 2,752
Sendt, Bob Auditor-General 22-Mar-01 1,845
Jambrich, T Auditor-General Office 02-Feb-00 2,259
Menzies, Paul QC Crown Solicitor barrister 01-Dec-94 4,148
Salpeter, Raoul Crown Solicitor lawyer 01-Nov-00 1,986
Demetriou, George Crown Solicitor 20-Apr-99 2,547
Knight, Ian Crown Solicitor 24-Dec-99 2,299
Brus, Elaine Crown Solicitor barrister 01-Mar-98 2,962
Lye, Amanda Crown Sols Office lawyer 01-May-98 2,901
Burton, Julie Crown Sols Office lawyer 01-Apr-03 1,105
Hawkins, Graham Dept Health NSW 03-Jun-96 3,598
Refshaughe, Andrew Dept Health NSW 16-Dec-98 2,672
Wilkins, Premiers Cabinet. Dir-Gen 17-Sep-98 2,762
Bashir, Marie Governor 22-Mar-01 1,845
Gifford, Peter ICAC 17-Sep-98 2,762
Small, Kellie ICAC 09-Feb-00 2,252
Wright, Lance,(Judge) Ind Rel Commission 08-Jan-06 92
Walton, (Judge) Ind Rel Commission 20-Sep-04 567
Staunton,Patricia(Judge) Ind Rel Commission 20-Sep-04 567
Staff, Conrad (Judge) Ind Rel Commission 20-Sep-04 567
Costa, Michael Labor Council 27-Sep-98 2,752
Law Society Law Society NSW 08-Feb-01 1,887
Marks, Steve Legal Services Comm 29-Sep-98 2,750
Iemma, Morris Minister Health & Prem 02-Sep-03 951
Aquilina, John Minister for Education 27-Apr-95 4,001
Barbour, Bruce Ombudsman 05-Jun-00 2,135
Watson, David Ombudsman 15-Dec-98 2,673
Wheeler, Chris Ombudsman Deputy 25-Sep-98 2,754
Moss, Irene Ombudsman, ICAC 16-Jan-98 3,006
Nori, Sandra Politician 15-Jul-99 2,461
Knowles, Craig Politician, Health 22-Mar-01 1,845
Carr, Bob Premier NSW 15-Nov-95 3,799
Shreeve, Robin TAFE Director 04-Apr-99 2,563
Willmott, Gary (Dr) TAFE Director 25-Jan-95 4,093
Cribb, Peter TAFE lawyer 01-Dec-95 3,783
McDonnell, John TAFE lawyer 01-Apr-03 1,105
Diplock, Jane TAFE Mg-Dir 25-Aug-96 3,515
Ramsey, Gregor TAFE Mg-Dir 17-Jan-95 4,101
McClelland, Jan TAFE Mg-Dir 01-Apr-03 1,105

As a conservative price of $1,000 pay per week ($52,000 per year) to each of the above, this comes to more than 14 million dollars paid to these officers to perform their public duties.