Media release: Call for Minister to Resign


MEDIA RELEASE - Call for Minister to Resign

Sent: Friday, May 04, 2001 7:20 PM

Subject: Whistleblowers Aust Call for Education Minister to Resign

Whistleblowers Australia Call for Education Minister Aquilina to Resign Immediately

Because of his repeated willingness to accept -- and use -- false information, Whistleblowers Australia NSW Branch President Cynthia Kardell today called for the immediate resignation of Education Minister John Aquilina

Teachers who raise issues of fraud, mismanagement and corruption within TAFE and the Education Department are met with denials, victimisation and cover-up.

Rather than addressing the issues openly and fairly, the Education Department provides false information about Whistleblowers for the purposes of denying justice and for depriving teachers of their rightful employment. Apparently this practice is condoned by Mr Aquilina.

Instead of being supported by the department for their professionalism, teachers are being attacked for raising issues of community concern. Productive and well respected teachers have been put out of work by Mr Aquilina acting on false retirement certificates engineered by his Department.

Without due process or procedural fairness, hardworking decent teachers have been duped out of their jobs.

The issue of false certificates is forbidden under sect 337 and 347 of the Crimes Act.

The lack of accountability, and unresponsiveness of Mr Aquilina in dealing with these issues has never been acceptable.

Premier Carr has, repeatedly, been made aware of these issues and of his Minister's willingness to accept just any information if it suits his purposes.

The teachers should be re-instated, and the Whistleblower issues should be looked into and addressed openly and fairly -- not by fraud, manipulation and deception.

"Mr Aquilina should resign immediately" said WBA President Kardell.


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