Public Sector Management Office Circular 2000-58

April 2000

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CIRCULAR NO 2000 -- 58
(Circular to all Chief Executives)

Following the recent review of HealthQuest a new fitness to continue form: "REQUEST FOR SERVICE" has been developed and copy of the new form is attached. This form replaces the previous form which will no longer be accepted by HealthQuest.

The revised form requires the following important information:

Chief executives should note these changes to the procedures and ensure that they are implemented within their organisations.

In cases where an employee has been found to be unfit to perform the inherent requirements of their substantive position following a referral for Fitness to Continue, Healthquest has in the past issued a certificate entitled "Retirement Certificate." In addition to informing the employer that the employee is unfit to perform the duties of their position, this certificate also states that the incapacity will in all likelihood be permanent, and that the incapacity is not the fault of the employee.

Healthquest's role is to advise the employer about the employee's fitness. The Department is able to use this advice to determine whether or not the person should be medically retired, as medical retirement is the responsibility of the Department.

To avoid confusion regarding Healthquest's role, certificates will no longer carry the heading "Retirement Certificate." The contents of the certificate are otherwise unchanged and still meet legislative requirements.

In addition, I would remind chief executiveas of their responsibilities to provide all services or facilities needed to an existing employee who has a disability, to carry out the inherent job requirements and job demands of a position.

Note that the defence of "unjustifiable hardship" only applies in relation to prospective or dismissed employees. (Refer to: Premier's Department Circular No. 2000 - 26 Employment Health Assessment Policy and Guidelines, which can be accessed at

Any enquires [sic] regarding the new Request Form may be directed to HealthQuest - 9281 0811.

C. Gellatly
Issued: Public Sector Management Office
Contact: Gary McGrath
Telephone: (02) 9228 4381
Email: [sic]