The case of Phillip Arantz

Arantz, Phillip,1993 "A Collusion of Powers", Australia,
Excerpts pp 111-116.

Phillip Arantz in his book "A Collusion of Powers", reports the swift reprisal that followed after he blew the whistle in an attempt to correct the false crime statistics released by the Police Commissioner to the media. Phillip Arantz was approached by his Superior officer and told :-

" ’the Commissioner directs that you go to the police surgeon’ .

I was absolutely astounded by this and said, ‘But why ? I’m not sick’ His tone made it clear that it was an order and I had no choice but to obey. In the circumstances, I considered it not only an order, but a virtual arrest... The doctor said, ‘I am referring you to Prince Henry Hospital for a psychiatric examination... The Commissioner has directed it ’..."