Psychiatric Abuse In The Soviet Union

In 1962 Pyotr Grigorenko spoke out at a party conference in the Soviet Union against the exorbitant salaries of party officials and other abuses of power. As a result he was directed to attend a psychiatric examination at the notorious Serbski Institute where he was duly labelled schizophrenic. He later wrote that it was not till then that he realised that his country was engaging in the practice of declaring perfectly sane people mad as a tool of political repression.

(Reference: Psychiatric Terror Sidney Bloch /Alan Lane 1977)

Vladimir Illyich Triponov b 1938. 1966 Expelled from teachers training college on political grounds. March 1968 arrested for making "anti-Soviet statements" (article 190-1), paranoia diagnosed, interviewed in autumn 1968 in Leningrad SPH still there in 1976. Considers himself healthy but refuses to attend psychiatric commission regarding them as a "farce."

(Reference: Psychiatric Terror Sidney Bloch /Alan Lane 1977 )