Transcript: Dr Gary Willmott's Affidavit 21 March 2001 EXHIBIT 21 Attachment "A"

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TAFE Managing Director Dr Gregor Ramsey to NCI TAFE Director Dr Gary Willmott

Dear Dr Willmott

Re: Irregular Student Enrolment and Assessment Practices

I refer to the grievance raised by Ms Val Kerrison and my memorandum to the Acting Director, North Coast Institute of TAFE dated 8 August 1994.

As you are aware, the Comprehensive Audit Unit investigated Ms Kerrison’s allegations of irregular student enrolment and assessment practices by a teacher, Ms Rhonda Hayes and provided me with a report. I accepted this report and wrote to Ms Hayes informing her that I was satisfied that the allegations were true but that in all the circumstances, no further action would be taken with respect to the allegations. I have provided you with a copy of my letter to Ms Hayes.

I have enclosed a copy of a further letter I have received from Ms Kerrison, together with my reply. I would urge you to continue to provide support to Ms Kerrison. In this context, it may be appropriate for North Coast Institute to make arrangements to have Ms Kerrison medically examined by HealthQuest to determine her fitness to continue in employment.

Yours sincerely

Gregor Ramsey

Managing Director

[Handwritten addition by Dr Gary Willmott:]

"Noted 25/1/95 For attention - Kerry Walshaw”

Dr Gary Willmott Assistant Director General DET/TAFE Affidavit Para 5 "I have been shown a document addressed to me and dated 17 January 1995. A copy of this document is attached to this affidavit and is marked with the letter "A". I have little recollection of receiving this letter or of the events that followed. I note that a notation in my handwriting appears on the letter - "For attention - Kerry Walshaw"