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WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel
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This was sent to: ALL NSW politicians
Also PM John Howard, his Deputy Mark Vaile, representative for Val Kerrison's electorate Lyne and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd

TO; 18 March 2007




Who We Are: WhistleBlowers Documents Exposed (WBDE) is a self-funded people's activist initiative. In response to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption 's call on countries to promote actively the involvement of non-governmental and community-based organizations (such as WBDE), as well as other elements of civil society, we lobby, promulgate information, and publish widely in our public interest activities to fight corruption. More information is available on our website WhistleBlowers' Documents Exposed


Attached for your information and action is our Report to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). In it we make reference to work already carried out by our Panels of volunteers - work which should have been performed through more than a decade by government officers from Prime Minister's Office and Premier's Office down - but is not.

We also refer to our work in measuring just some of the cost to the public purse for a government to avoid issues, and actively persecute just one whistleblower, WBDE panels published in that just these selected few people handling Mrs Val Kerrison's case, had been seemingly corrupt/incapable for approx 101,735 days as at 10 April 2006. The 43 public servants listed are seemingly still carrying our their activities, and probably hiring more similar people to do their bidding as they move up the ranks.

A measurement today (March 2007) of the same number (43) at a conservative average annual income of $120,000 indicates more than another $4 million taken from the public purse to pay these people.
As the real number of people required to uphold this action against Mrs Kerrison is probably at least twice this number or more, we object to corrupt public servants spending OUR public money on persecuting the truth-sayer instead of addressing issues according to the law. We have no way of knowing how many whistleblowers are currently being victimised. The Crown Solicitor's Office could help our inquiries into this.

What will you do about this? Please contact us at the above address, and/or contact Mrs Kerrison through the address C/- 12 Alverton Street, Kempsey NSW 2440 Australia.

Yours faithfully



WBDE Human Rights and Ethics Panel